Cat Connect for Construction

The more information and insight you have regarding the performance and utilization of your heavy equipment, the greater the long-term value it will provide to your construction projects. Cat Connect provides a data-driven framework that enables you to harness the power of the latest Cat construction technology solutions. Whether your goal is to maximize production, reduce costs or improve safety, Cat Connect has the options you need to build the successful, sustainable business you want.

How Can Cat Connect Improve Your Construction Equipment Operations?

Cat Connect Technology includes options for your entire fleet—both Cat and other OEMs. Cat Connect Technology helps you improve operations in two important ways: 1) Improve performance and worksite efficiency during operations; 2) Capture, store and compile data during operations, such as fuel consumption and idle time, which you can analyze to increase productivity, reduce costs or improve safety.

Cat Connect Impacts Four Important Operational Areas

The Cat Connect framework facilitates a seamless combination of technology and machine service in four mission-critical areas:

  • Productivity: Productivity technologies allow you to monitor jobsite efficiency and maximize operator and machine performance. You’ll be able to efficiently utilize grade and compaction control technologies to complete tasks with greater speed and accuracy.
  • Equipment Management: Cat EMSolutions enable more cost-effective construction equipment operation. You’ll be able to closely monitor parameters such as fuel consumption and utilization, as well as key maintenance indicators, including hours of use, fluid contamination and many others.
  • Safety: Cat Connect gives you access to numerous features designed to create a safer work environment. These include on-board camera and proximity detection systems to increase operator visibility and awareness, as well as fire monitoring systems, off-board safety reporting and much more.
  • Sustainability: Understanding the need for today’s construction operations to implement stringent environmental protection measures, Cat Connect can help you reduce your environmental impact by more efficiently managing resource consumption.

Gregory Poole Can Help You Apply Cat Connect Tools to Your Construction Operation

With data from your machines and Cat Connect Services from Gregory Poole, you can find more value in your data. We have the tools to help you with equipment management, productivity, safety and sustainability so you get the bottom-line results you want. You can also count on us to for guidance in how to apply the various Cat Connect tools to your construction operation.