Cat® Compaction Equipment

Cat® Compact technologies give compactor operators instant, in-the-cab feedback, so they can see precisely where they’re been and how much area they still have left to cover. And at end of the shift, the system provides accurate compaction and coverage data, so you can prove that the job is done right and completed to spec.

Smart Technology For Optimum Compaction

Whether you’re paving a road, prepping a site or working a landfill, Cat Compact technology helps you get the job done faster and more accurately. Precise navigation technology lets operators monitor progress and coverage. Advanced compaction measurement ensures that each pass delivers proper compaction and provides valuable completion data.

Cat Compact with Compaction Algorithm

Compact with Compaction Algorithm combines advanced compaction measurement, in-cab guidance for operators, and reporting capabilities for managers. Includes a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver and mapping display.

· Factory integrated

· Up to 16% more productive

· Increase safety

Cat Compact with Compaction Meter Value (CMV)

Compaction Meter Value is an accelerometer-based system that provides an indication of material stiffness. The system is available on smooth drum vibratory soil compactors and tandem vibratory asphalt compactors. It measures only when the vibratory system is active, and provides a unitless value calculation derived from the recorded data that indicates composite stiffness.

· Improved performance

· Better quality

· Greater efficiency

Cat Compact with Machine Drive power

Cat Compact with Machine Drive Power (MDP) is an energy-based measurement system that correlates compaction with rolling resistance to provide an indication of soil stiffness. An optional mapping system helps operators visualize work as it occurs.

· Factory integrated

· Up to 40% more productive

· Improve accuracy

Cat Compact with Temperature Indication

Cat® Compact with Temperature Indication for asphalt helps operators visualize coverage area while recording Pass-Count and Temperature data. The system utilizes infrared temperature sensors and GPS

mapping to keep the operator informed of current mat temperatures, machine position, pass-count and pass coverage.

· Improve asphalt density

· Up to 15% higher performance

· Simple operation

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