Buying a new track excavator can be an expensive proposition, especially during tough economic times. Many companies prefer to buy used excavators since these machines are built to have long life spans. Many of the used excavators for sale in NC operate just as well as newer models — yet cost significantly less.

Quality Assurance

At Gregory Poole, we sell high quality used track excavators. North Carolina may be our base of operations, but we sell used equipment across the country. Our used machines are in high demand because we take every step necessary to ensure the equipment’s quality.

Skilled technicians evaluate all aspects of our used excavators, from the condition of the tracks to the quality of the operator’s seat. Each element of the machine is carefully ranked, so you can review overall condition by reading its specifications. We offer only the best used excavators for sale.

Financing and Purchasing Used Track Excavators

North Carolina and national businesses considering a used excavator purchase should review our many financing packages. We understand purchasing a used track excavator can be a significant investment, despite the money saved by buying used. Our financing options take the sting out of large purchases.

We also offer coverage and servicing packages for new and used equipment to help protect and maintain your investment.

New and Used Excavator Parts

When you’re operating large machinery, inevitably you need to find replacement parts. We offer fast and reliable parts replacement through our branch locations in Eastern North Carolina. Used track excavators sitting idle waiting for parts is simply unacceptable.

Gregory Poole prides itself on knowledgeable, efficient parts staff with access to a large and well-monitored inventory. Working in combination with our dealership base, we deliver most parts within 24 hours, so your equipment has the least downtime possible.

Our parts inventory includes used parts as well as new. Many used parts are in excellent condition, providing an economical alternative to new parts. We track each used part’s work history so you know exactly how many hours of operation the part has endured.

View Our Extensive Used Track Excavators

Take a look at our list of used excavators for sale in NC and across the country to find a dependable, cost-effective machine that fits your needs. Call us and we’ll help you find the right used track excavator for your company, give you a quote, and explain our attractive financing options.