Load Bank Testing

What is load banking? A load bank simulates an electrical load to exercise your generator.   Gregory Poole has a full line of load bank testing equipment to ensure you are in compliance with your local and industry specific regulations.  Our fully documented test procedures assist in determining power capability and operating condition of your emergency power generation system.

Benefits of a Load Bank Test

In addition to giving you the peace of mind of knowing your backup power system is fully functional, load banking has a number of other benefits for the health of these critical assets. Regular load banking:

  • Allows engine fluids to attain proper operating temperature
  • Properly exercises cooling system controls, allowing coolant to circulate through radiators
  • Subjects engine safety shutdown systems to actual operating conditions, fully testing and confirming they are operational.
  • Avoids “wet-stacking” in diesel-driven units; by burning off accumulated deposits, load banking preserves engine output capability and prevents system failure

Developing a Testing Schedule

Most backup power systems should be load banked to full capacity at least once a year. In addition to this, regular inspections and testing under light- or no-load conditions can be useful in identifying problems, though this alone does not provide all the benefits of a proper annual load banking.

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