All New Cat® Equipment for Sale in North Carolina

In construction sites, farms, mining operations and more, new equipment is delivering the performance today’s businesses need to stay productive and profitable. You can find  machines and work tools on job sites the world over, where they provide reliable service in any application.

When it’s time to expand or upgrade your fleet, trust Cat. The company’s most recent generation of machines includes many exclusive advances that save you money, keep your crew safe and help you meet regulatory requirements.




Purpose-built for Your Industry

With the diversity of new equipment available from Gregory Poole, there is a solution for nearly any application or industry. Available equipment includes:

  • Loaders, backhoes and excavators for construction and landscaping
  • Pavers and compactors for roadwork
  • Forestry equipment
  • Power generation systems

In every application, Cat machines do more for their owners. Your choice of Cat equipment is one that will deliver:

  • Reliability: Extended service intervals mean more uptime without sacrificing performance or the long-term health of your machine. One of the reasons Cat equipment commands a strong resale value is because their modular construction allows major components to be rebuilt or replaced, effectively extending their service life indefinitely.
  • Efficiency: ACERT® engine technology, now found in many new Cat machines, incorporates exclusive engineering features to deliver performance and power while meeting US EPA Tier 4 emissions guidelines. Not only does this prepare you for future regulatory compliance, but it also saves you money by keeping your operating costs low.
  • Versatility: One of the widest ranges of work tools on the market today supports Cat machines. With the ability to quickly switch out tools on the fly, a single Cat machine can often do the work of several others on a busy job site.

Want to learn more about the current generation of new Cat equipment available for sale at Gregory Poole? Ready to discover the various solutions the legendary manufacturer has for your industry? Contact a sales representative in your area to get started today.