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Used Air Compressors For Sale

Reliable, fuel efficient air compressors are essential in almost all auto shops, manufacturing facilities and construction sites. If you’re like a lot of businesses, you’re looking for ways to keep capital expenses down — without compromising productivity. Because an air compressor is so important and purchase prices for high-quality new units are often high, many organizations choose to buy used when upgrading their facilities.

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Buying used is a great way to stretch your budget, but you must choose quality equipment that will deliver the day-to-day performance you need without expensive maintenance. Gregory Poole can help. We have a large selection of used air compressors for sale. We source many from our rental fleet where they have received excellent care throughout their operational life. All used machines are in great condition for their age, and many feature low hours.

Save With Used Compressors from Gregory Poole

Not sure where to begin looking for a used air compressor? Contact us, we can find what you need!

Whether you are interested in a rotary screw air compressor, reciprocating air compressor or portable diesel air compressor we can help you find a used unit to meet your needs and budget. When searching for a used air compressor, you need to consider:

  • Type: Generally, rotary screw compressors are better for heavy-duty applications, whereas reciprocating (piston) compressors are better for everyday use. As the name implies, you can transport portable diesel compressors easily to remote job sites.
  • Power: Compressors are rated by pressure (PSIG), volume (CFM) and horsepower (hp). If you’re unsure what your job requires, contact a Gregory Poole representative directly for assistance.
  • Tank size: The larger the tank, the longer a compressor can go without running the motor. However, the increased footprint of a larger tank often makes them impractical in small spaces.
  • Oil or oil-free: Most air compressors are lubricated to increase the life of wearable components. For use in highly sensitive environments, where contamination is a concern, we offer oil-free models.

These are just a few of the considerations you need to make when shopping for a used air compressor. Check out our current line to see what’s available in your area. We also may be able to source hard-to-find units or parts from our network of dealer partners. Give us a call today!