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Buying A Used Generator

Gregory Poole has been selling and servicing generators and other power system equipment since 1951. We are a valued partner to a wide range of customers and the exclusive representative of the Cat® brand in eastern North Carolina. Whether you need a backup generator or a complete industrial power solution for your business, we can help. Browse available machines online today.

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Choosing a Used Generator

As with any major purchase, you must take great care when buying a used generator. Before making a decision, consider:

  • Size: A more powerful generator isn’t always the best choice. Most generators run best when working at between 50-75% of their rated capacity. Operating below that level can lead to increased fuel use and less reliable performance overall. Buying used gives you more options than new, but it’s important to accurately assess your electrical needs rather than simply choosing the most powerful unit you can afford. Use our helpful online generator sizing calculator to determine the right type of generator for your application.
  • Application: Do you need a generator for emergency use, standby power, remote operation or as a prime power solution? Different types of generator are better for different applications. The best used generator for powering an outdoor venue, for example, may not be the ideal choice for backing up mission-critical appliances in a data center.
  • Manufacturer: The number of hours on a generator can be deceptive. Often, an older machine by a well-respected manufacturer such as Cat will deliver better performance for longer than a new unit by a lesser brand. Ultimately, with used equipment, you get what you pay for. Generators by Cat and allied brands tend to retain their resale value for longer, making the extra investment worth it thanks to their increased reliability and efficiency.

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Let one of our used sales representatives match you with the right generator for your application and budget. We carry a large selection of gas, diesel and alternative fuel gen sets, as well as accessories such as switchgear, UPS and more.

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