Crankcase Ventilation Systems

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Crankcase Ventilation Systems (CVS)

Crankcase ventilation systems provide an economical solution for engine oil mist elimination. As organizations become more aware of their impact on the environment — and subject to increasingly strict emissions regulations — crankcase ventilation systems have come to play an important role in many heavy equipment fleets.

The Gregory Poole service team designs and manufactures advanced crankcase ventilation systems for Cat® and allied heavy equipment. With advanced technical expertise and the full resources of the Caterpillar® company at our disposal, we can assess your needs and create a customized emissions control solution that won’t sacrifice the performance or reliability of your important assets.

What is Crankcase Ventilation?

In a normal high-performance engine, crankcase blow-by is produced when high-pressure combustion gasses become contaminated as they pass through the piston rings and crankcase. This creates dirtier emissions and causes a degradation of engine and coolant performance by coating these and other sensitive components with oil mist.

A crankcase ventilation system solves these problems by filtering out contaminants and circulating clean oil back to the engine. This, in turn, prevents damage to your engine and related systems, increases service intervals and improves overall performance and reliability.

Features and Benefits at a Glance

Gregory Poole crankcase ventilation systems meet the performance and emissions requirements of today’s construction crews and other heavy equipment operators. Our systems feature:

  • German designed liquid level gauge
  • Filter pressure differential gauge
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Poly barbs
  • Buna gaskets
  • Brass drain valve
  • Powder coated
  • Simple fast installation
  • NO Fire hazards
  • NO Environmental concerns
  • NO Expensive radiator cleaning cost
  • EPA Exhaust Gas Regulation solution
  • NFPA Complaint
  • NESHAP Regulation Solution

As a valued partner of clients throughout eastern North Carolina and the only authorized Cat dealer in the region, we can help you determine the best emissions control system for your fleet. Contact our service department directly to learn more about the benefits of installing a crankcase ventilation system or request a quote for upgrading your equipment.

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