Industrial Engine

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When it comes to industrial engines, everything Caterpillar offers revolves around power:

  • The power of engines that deliver premium performance in the toughest conditions
  • The power of a broad product line (0.5- to 296-liter engines)
  • The power of an unmatched dealer network
  • The power of insights derived from digital technology

All of that collective power adds up to one key advantage: greater profit potential for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end-users. “Our value differentiation is based on the belief that our engine customers will make more money working with Caterpillar than they would with our competitors,” said Jason Kern, Global Director of Marketing and Dealer Operations. “We want to help them drive profitability.”

The power of Cat® engines begins with two important aspects: product design and engineering, both based on knowledge gathered from thousands of machine applications. “Caterpillar is developing world-class engines with outstanding performance and fuel economy, and also provides through Cat dealers the engineering needed to install engines into OEM machines,” Kern stated. “We are committed to delivering engines that are well-matched and properly integrated with OEM machines, so that owners and operators ultimately get the level of performance they demand.”

Caterpillar offers customers a wide range of industrial engines and works with OEMs of all sizes. “Some OEMs need industrial engines for just a few machines, while others require engines for a wide array of machines. All of them can gain added value by working with Caterpillar and the Cat dealer network,” Kern said. “We provide engine solutions that are compatible with many different types of OEM machines. Our customers produce machines for wide-ranging applications and working conditions.”

The commitment to end-users continues with reliable after-sale care. The Cat dealer network provides technical advice and a variety of service solutions, including Customer Value Agreements. In addition, OEM dealer networks receive support from Caterpillar’s Industrial Service Dealer program to keep each customer’s engine performing properly. “OEMs can rest assured that once their machines are in the hands of end-users, our world-class product support through Cat dealers will be available to help ensure optimum uptime,” Kern said. “It’s about being reliable and available when those end-users need expert assistance.”

Caterpillar also helps end-users drive profitability via digital technology. This capability transforms engine data into insights that help them make better, more informed decisions. For example, data insights can point to proactive measures, such as predictive maintenance and other targeted solutions that help keep engines running through the entire lifecycle.