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What You Can Do With Cat Backhoe Loaders

Cat backhoe loaders let you move materials and dig, using the same piece of heavy equipment. A loader bucket on one side of the equipment can push, lift and carry materials, while a backhoe on the other side allows you to dig. 

Backhoe loaders can make work more efficient at various job sites by combining multiple equipment needs into a single machine. Some of this equipment's common applications include:

  • Digging: You can use a backhoe loader to dig holes for fence posts, water features or ponds. It can also dig up trees or shrubbery. 
  • Transporting materials: The loader bucket makes it easy to transport materials around a job site, such as soil, rocks and construction materials. 
  • Breaking up pavement: If you have to break up pavement before digging a hole, you can use a backhoe loader to do so.
  • Demolishing: A backhoe loader can also tackle small demolition projects with ease.
  • Laying pipes: You can use a backhoe loader to dig holes for pipes, then lift and place the pipes in the holes. 
  • Lifting materials: A backhoe loader also picks up materials, such as hay bales. 

New Backhoe Loaders for Sale in North Carolina

You get the reliability and durability of genuine Cat equipment when you buy backhoe loaders from us. Our selection of backhoes provide the digging power and precision you expect from Caterpillar. You'll enjoy increased productivity and better job site safety. 

Cat backhoe loaders offer multiple features to keep operators comfortable and improve efficiency:

  • Comfort features: Cat backhoe loaders feature adjustable air ride seats and ergonomic controls. In-cab climate systems are available on some models.
  • Fuel efficiency: Cat engines meet government emissions standards without sacrificing power.
  • State-of-the-art technology: Ride Control Systems keep the equipment operating smoothly on uneven, sloping or wet ground. Real-time monitoring enhances the equipment's efficiency. 
  • Safety features: Large windshield screens and over-hood dump visibility increase the safety of Cat backhoe loaders.

Benefits of Backhoe Loaders

Whether your job site is large or small, backhoe loaders offer many benefits, including:

  • Reduced maintenance needs: With a backhoe loader, you get two pieces of equipment in one. With a single machine, you have fewer maintenance requirements.
  • Lower fuel usage: Using one piece of equipment, particularly one that meets emissions standards, reduces your fuel use and saves your business money.
  • Limited storage requirements: If space is at a premium, a backhoe loader can be the perfect fit. It reduces the number of machines you need to have on-site.

Add a new Cat backhoe loader to your fleet with Gregory Poole. We’re an exclusive Cat representative in eastern North Carolina and the only place in the region carrying the newest machines, accessories and technologies.

Buying new is the best way to get a machine that’s perfectly matched to the demands of your industry. New Cat backhoe loaders for sale from Gregory Poole feature fuel-efficient, Tier 4-compliant powertrains, advanced hydraulics and accessible components that make service easy. Learn more by following the product links below to view detailed machine specs.

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