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“Enrolling in the Apprentice I program was greatly beneficial to me. It allowed me to step away from the shop environment and soak in the areas of the machine attributes that I may not have known working hands-on primarily.”

Bailey Fellion

Diesel Technician & Apprenticeship Participant

Bailey Fellion

Technician II

Click the image above to hear why Water Worx Service has partnered with GP Rental for over 6 years.

Matt S.

Water Worx Services

Click the image above to hear why John P. with Destiny Pool Builders recommends GP Rental.

John P.

Destiny Pool Builders

I’m a Hotshot truck driver and I came by to pick up cat steer skid to California and Gray Coltrain as a supervisor of rental and sales department did outstanding customer service job plus he showed amazing people skills, I was impressed by his professionalism thank you, Gray! 

Aleks K.

Fantastic customer service, whether you are buying a large machine or just a few repair parts they treat you right.

David L.

I have to be one of the most picky people out there when it comes to my Bluebird RV! I brought my bluebird Wanderlodge M380 in for suspension service and let me tell you these guys are excellent! Rod the service manager gave me an estimate prior to any work being done to my coach, which he completely stuck to. My coach, rides as smooth as glass now! To say I’m happy is an understatement, I will always recommend this shop. Thanks Rod for all your help and service!

Daniel T.

I couldn’t be more impressed with Gregory Poole in Garner. My RV wouldn’t start and I had a tripped planned for the next week. They were incredibly busy but fit me in. My warranty company was a little difficult to work with but they worked through it and made the repairs faster than I expected. Judy and John were a pleasure to work with! The facility is clean and inviting which is much different than other repair shops that I am familiar with. This is the second time that I have used them and their service was consistent both times. If you need RV repairs and don’t want your RV sitting in a dirt lot until someone can eventually get to it, this has to be your place!

Richard P.

The nicest and most helpful people that I have seen. I had only a serial number for my excavator and yet every part that I wanted was in my hands and I was gone in thirty minutes.

Stephen W.

I owe props to a few people at the Mebane location. I made a cold-call visit with the hope of meeting someone of influence, hoping to someday purchase their oddball trade-ins for my employer “4M IRON”. After a recent change of employment from 30 years of managing Harley-Davidson and Automobile Dealerships I have to say that I was extremely impressed by the professionalism and willingness to help that I experienced with everyone I dealt with during my visit. From Receptionist, Cheryl F. (1st Impression) to Territory Manager, Scott T. to Parts Rep., Kristen H. (sold me more awesome shirts than I need), they were all great representations of customer caring teammates. Thank you for the cool experience (cold-calls can be not so nice sometimes). The Poole leadership should be proud of you!!!!

Ed C.

I have the benefit of being able to work with people across all divisions. With the accounts payable supervisor role, I am in charge of all the company credit cards through Concur. So I get a chance to work with people in all the different divisions and departments. So it really puts me in a prime position to say across the company we have a lot of really great people working here.

Nanette Terrio

Accounts Payable Supervisor

We would like to shine a light on Jimmy Boone, a valuable member of the Gregory Poole team for the last 27 years. Jimmy has excelled as a Mechanic I, Squad Leader, Master Technician Customer Service Specialist, and Safety Team Leader. During work hours you can find Jimmy in our Heavy Shop focusing on machine rebuilds or mentoring new Technicians. Outside of work you can find Jimmy lifting weights, spending time with his wife (Who is also a GPEC manager), or restoring anything from cars to furniture. Jimmy also served in the armed forces from ’87-’93.

Jimmy Boone restored this old tractor that was given to us by a customer and is now featured in our Fayetteville branch.

Jimmy is our go-to for very detailed jobs and we are so thankful to have him!

Jimmy Boone

Master Shop Technician

“I found the Think Big Program accidentally actually as I originally wanted to come in for a job shadow and was referred to the program. For 3 years now It’s been amazing as I’ve gotten classroom and hands-on experience with 8 weeks in class and then 8 weeks on the job training. I’ve learned so much with what actually goes into being a technician each and every day and how detailed this type of work is. I would absolutely recommend this program as Gregory Poole has given me all the tools and resources to succeed”


Think Big Program Graduate

“I don’t wake up in the morning and dread going to work at Gregory Poole. I wake up in the morning knowing there’s going to be a challenge that will make me a better person, and make me get better in my career.” 

Joe Weimer

Senior Shop Technician, Lift Systems

“A friend of mine introduced me to the Think Big program, a college program that Gregory Poole offers. I can’t think of a better program that brings everything together, work and school. Every class that I took, I felt like I was learning something to apply to my job.”

Ben Blessington

Field Service Manager

“Gregory Poole is a company who truly cares about their employees and works overtime making sure their employees are taken care, no matter what.”

Harrison Beam

Service Administrator

“When I came to GPEC, I realized Gregory Poole was going to be here, and if I did my job appropriately, I would have a place to work until I retired.” 

Ken Daniels

Master Technician Specialist

“I’m a hands on kind of person. I like troubleshooting and figuring out why something happened. I get a personal satisfaction out of taking something apart, seeing the issue, and correcting it.” 

Joel Shaffer

Master Components Specialist

Gregory Poole itself is like a family. I have a big family and they are very flexible when it comes to my family. My younger brother actually works here, I got him involved with Gregory Poole due to have good of a career he could build.”

Joe Penaloza-Soto

Field Technician II, Power Systems