Hydraulic Services in North Carolina

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Here at Gregory Poole, the experience you have while working with us drives us every day. In the last few months, we have been working hard to update our Raleigh Hydraulic Shop to improve our operations and create the best experience for you, our customers. With daily shuttle delivery between our five branches, we are always able to get you the service you need. Check out these before and after pictures of our new Hydraulic Shop, or come check it out for yourself at 701 Blue Ridge Road, Raleigh, NC 27606.

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919-836-4553 – Pump & Motor Shop

919-890-4354 – Cylinder Shop

Hydraulic Shop Services  Hydraulic Hose Repair and Replacement

What We Do

With over 70 years of experience in the heavy equipment industry, we’re ready to assist you with any of your hydraulic repair or maintenance needs. No matter the issue, our skilled and knowledgeable technicians will determine the most cost-effective solution to get your equipment back on the job site with optimal performance.

Visiting our hydraulic shop means experiencing all the following services:

  • Full Service Hydraulic Repairs on all Cat® products
  • Pumps, Cylinders and motor repairs on non-Cat brands
  • Free Pickup and Delivery Service Across Eastern North Carolina
  • Free Disassembly and Quote
  • 6 Month Warranty on All Repairs

Hydraulic Hose Capabilities

We carry a comprehensive assortment of hoses and couplings to assist customers with our hose repair and replacement services. When you come to us, you can expect:

  • While You Wait Service for Cat and Non-Cat Brands
  • Use of Superior Cat Hose Products
  • Certified Crimp and Certified Clean Assembled by Cat Dealer Technicians

Pumps and Motors

Our factory-trained technicians deliver top-of-the-line hydraulic pump and motor services ranging from repairs to parts to rebuilds:

  • Complete Pump and Motor Repairs
  • Rebuilding
  • Power Lapping
  • Piece Parts
  • Exchange Program
  • Factory Trained Technicians
  • Cat, Sauer Danfoss, Rexroth
  • All Components Bench Tested to Factory Standards
  • 150 HP bench
  • 500 HP bench

Rods and Cylinders

If you’re looking for hydraulic cylinder repair near Raleigh, North Carolina, you’ve come to the right place. Gregory Poole offers all of the following services to get your rods and cylinders back to where they need to be:

  • Complete Cylinder Reseal
  • Honing
  • Fabricating Barrels
  • Fabricate Cylinder Rods
  • Bucket and other pins
  • Rechroming
  • Repair Damaged Rod & Barrel Eyes
  • Weld and bore in most components
  • Telescopic Cylinders
  • Two Shifts to Meet Your Needs
  • All Cylinders Pressure Tested
  • Different Sizes of Rod Stock Kept in Stock

Benefits of Hydraulic Shop Services

When you come to our hydraulic shop, you’ll experience all the benefits of hydraulic services for your fleet, including:

  • Identifying problems before they worsen
  • Minimizing repair costs
  • Avoiding downtime
  • Preventing breakdowns
  • Accessing high-quality parts
  • Gaining peace of mind

Contact Us Today to Learn More

For reliable and efficient hydraulic cylinder repair in Raleigh, North Carolina, choose Gregory Poole. Contact us to learn more about our hydraulic shop services today, or call the numbers below!

919-836-4553 – Pump & Motor Shop

919-890-4354 – Cylinder Shop