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New Rubber Track Carriers Available in NC

A rubber track carrier fills a role similar to that of a dump truck — you can use one of these machines to carry tools and materials around a job site. Because rubber track carriers have tracks instead of wheels, they move over rough terrain with ease. The tracks provide excellent grip in wet and muddy conditions while limiting the pressure exerted on the ground.

Rubber track carriers find use in a range of industries, from forestry to construction. If you are searching for new rubber track carriers for sale in North Carolina, Gregory Poole Equipment Company can meet your needs. We offer Morooka rubber track carriers capable of hauling max loads between 15,435 and 33,016 pounds.

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Buy New Morooka Rubber Track Carriers

When you buy a new rubber track carrier from Gregory Poole, you can benefit from smooth operation and the latest technological innovations. Browse our selection of Morooka rubber track carriers for sale and request a quote, or contact us for more information.