CAT Machine Technology

Advanced CAT Technology

For more than 90 years, Cat® equipment has led the industry. They continue incorporating advanced technology to help you stay productive and save money. As an authorized Cat dealer, Gregory Poole has access to the company’s latest and most advanced systems and services, including:

Cat Connect: Cat Connect technologies and services are designed to meet the specific needs of your unique fleet and business. Choose a single service or connect multiple options across jobsites. Whether you run a single machine, manage a mixed fleet or oversee several jobsites, we can recommend Cat Connect technologies to help you maximize production, reduce costs or improve safety.

Equipment Management: Cat EMSolutions range from service consulting and remote condition monitoring to complete outsourcing of your fleet management. Let our team assess your current capabilities and determine the best package for you. Contact a representative today to get started.

GPS Systems / GRADE: Get to grade sooner than you thought possible on even the most complex designs, with guidance and accuracy that slash rework.

Remote Monitoring: gplink is the most capable remote diagnostic tool available for high horsepower systems to monitor, track, secure, protect, diagnose and assist in repairs.

Every fleet’s needs are different — there is no single best combination of systems and services. By getting to know your operation, your industry and your requirements, Gregory Poole can connect you with a suite of technologies that will help you save money, stay productive and get the job done faster.