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Worksites are always presenting you with new challenges. With Cat® Technology and Digital Services, those challenges become opportunities that see your productivity, efficiency and safety transform. At Gregory Poole, we can help you explore the different capabilities of Cat Technology and build the best solution for you and your company.

Cat Technology 

Cat Technology includes a suite of scalable technologies that work with your equipment to give you and your operators the tools to boost productivity, safety and project quality.

Technologies available through Cat Technology include:

GradeCat Grade offers up to a 50 percent improvement in grading efficiency. The technology works by automating machine functions and guiding operators for rough, fine and finish grading. The result is faster, more accurate grading.

PayloadCat Payload provides instant feedback to your operators with its onboard weighing systems. With this technology, which is available for Cat wheel loaders, wheel tractor scrapers, excavators and other equipment, you can eliminate under- and over-loading, as well as reworking.

CompactCat Compact gives your operators real-time guidance, plus provides advanced measurements. That leads to more uniform passes and fewer passes, which promotes faster project times without a drop in quality. You can add this technology to your asphalt, landfill and soil compactors.

DetectCat Detect improves your worksite safety by keeping operators aware of their surroundings. Equip all your equipment, whether it carries the Cat name or that of another Allied brand, with CCTV cameras and a vehicle tracking system to reduce the chance of accidents, as well as prevent unauthorized equipment use.

CommandCat Command offers operators the opportunity to control equipment from a remote location, whether on- or offsite. With these remote-control systems, your worksite becomes safer and more productive, as well as more cost-effective. Add the tech to your Cat dozers, skid steer loaders and wheel loaders.


VisionLink uses cloud-to-cloud integration supported by 3rd party APIs to make it easier than ever to consolidate your mixed fleet’s telematics in a single management application – regardless of brand or asset type. 

The Cat Digital Services

While Cat Technology gives you the tools to do more, its services give you the support to do even more. And as your exclusive Cat dealer and partner, you can trust the Gregory Poole team to deliver the advice, support and data you need to exceed your performance, productivity and safety goals.

Available Cat Digital Services include:

  • Equipment Management: Free your internal resources and keep a handle on your equipment monitoring, repairs and maintenance with our Equipment Management Services. We provide everything from asset tracking and condition monitoring to fleet benchmarking reports, equipment inspections and more with this service.
  • Productivity: Maximize the potential of your equipment and team with our comprehensive Productivity Services. Not only does this service improve the efficiency of your worksite, but it also boosts job safety by making sure every operator is trained. Additional services include site efficiency training, productivity monitoring, geospatial mapping and more.
  • Safety: Provide a safety-first workspace for all your team members with our Safety Services. Our team provides the support you need to ensure all your employees head home at the end of the day by monitoring the sleep patterns of your operators, minimizing fatigue through shift scheduling and more.

Add on the complete, scalable support of Cat Technology and Digital Services to boost your worksite safety, productivity and equipment management.

Turn Challenges Into Opportunities With Gregory Poole

When you want to turn challenges into opportunities, you turn to the experienced team at Gregory Poole. We offer more than 70 years of experience serving eastern North Carolina and are more than ready to help you explore the positive impact that Cat Technology can have in your workplace, as well as on your bottom line.

Contact our team today to learn more about Cat Technology and Digital Services.

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