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Advanced Cat® Technology

For more than 90 years, Cat equipment has led the industry, largely due to the ongoing Caterpillar commitment to innovation. They continue incorporating advanced technology to help you stay productive and save money. In what Caterpillar refers to as “The Age of Smart Iron,” the company places a heavy emphasis on using connectivity to drive productivity.

The latest Cat construction technology tools are designed to increase the performance, reliability and safety of your equipment fleet, as well as offer equipment management solutions and remote monitoring. They can also simplify preventive maintenance tasks and even extend the lifespan of your machines, while lowering your long-term operating costs.

CAT Technology And Services Remote Monitoring

As the authorized Cat dealer for eastern North Carolina, Gregory Poole has access to the company’s latest and most advanced Cat technology systems and services, including:

Cat Technology and Services: What keeps you awake at night? Missed production goals or costs running out of control? Too much rework or too many near-misses? Whatever your challenge, there’s a way to solve it with Cat Technology. Think of this intelligent suite of hardware, software and dealer services as a toolkit to help you run a more profitable operation. Choose the technology or services that help you boost efficiency, improve safety, save time and money—or all of the above.

Every fleet’s needs are different — there is no single best combination of systems and services. By getting to know your operation, your industry and your requirements, Gregory Poole can connect you with a suite of technologies that will help you save money, stay productive and get the job done faster.

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