Cat® Equipment Management

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Data that puts you in control of your fleet.

Smart decisions start with smart data. Cat® Equipment Management gives you a suite of tools to track equipment location and utilization, monitor machine health and get the insights you need to optimize your operation.

Your business is a valuable asset that deserves the utmost in care and attention. But running a business is incredibly difficult. You’re forced to balance the long-term vision and strategy with day-to-day operations — and day-to-day operations tend to be the more urgent priority.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a tool that helped you get better on a day-by-day basis, finding the type of inefficiencies and waste that are holding back long-term growth? This is something you can try to do on your own — but doing so independently can be prohibitively challenging and time-consuming. What you need is a tool that already exists and that is designed to work with a business like yours.

Customer Value Agreements

Customer Value Agreements provide you a flexible way for top machine performance and hassle-free maintenance. Whether it’s Cat Genuine Parts delivered on-time to your location, or useful machine insights from connectivity and the Cat App – Customer Value Agreements get you what you need, when you need it. It’s all in one plan, and all can be part of your one machine payment. Ready to get the most from your machine?

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Cat App

The Cat App is the mobile companion to My.Cat.Com, delivering crucial information right to your phone or tablet. Monitor machine health, order parts, schedule maintenance and more from anywhere.



Cat Inspect

Use the Cat Inspect App to complete digital machine inspections, prioritize actions and sync data with other Cat Equipment Management platforms.




VisionLink is a subscription-based telematics software that’s compatible with any brand. With VisionLink, you can make quick decisions, monitor machine health, analyze the impact of idle time and manage your business in a way that’s unique to you.


Data Integration

Using an Application Programming Interface (API)*, you can seamlessly integrate equipment data from any manufacturer. And with a paid subscription, you can view the data across all Cat Equipment Management tools, including My.Cat.Com, the Cat App, Cat Inspect and VisionLink.


Technology Services 

Worksites are always presenting you with new challenges. With Cat® Technology and Digital Services, those challenges become opportunities that see your productivity, efficiency and safety transform. At Gregory Poole, we can help you explore the different capabilities of Cat Technology and build the best solution for you and your company.



Equipment Management Services Can Help You Optimize Your Business

Equipment Management Services, part of the Cat Technology and Digital Services suite of hardware software and dealer services, allows you to take advantage of third-party expertise on using asset data and identifying opportunities for improvement. Here are just some of the many ways Equipment Management Services can help improve your business:

  • Develop benchmarks based on peak performance, and then keep or dispose of assets based on those benchmarks.
  • Measure progress against benchmarks on a rolling and continuous basis, always monitoring the overall productivity of your operation in real-time.
  • Follow information and data on asset use, maintenance and health, which will allow you to make the best possible decisions around your assets.
  • Identify training opportunities that can enhance how operators are using your assets.
  • Avoid safety issues and challenges related to equipment or component failure.

Gregory Poole — Your Source for Cat Technology

At Gregory Poole, we’re always making the latest and greatest in tools and equipment available for construction companies and those working in similar industries in Eastern North Carolina. This has been our goal and approach since we first started doing business more than 70 years ago.

Cat Technology is the latest innovation, and it’s one that can help you transform your business into the thriving operation you’ve always wanted it to be. So often business owners can feel overwhelmed by striking that balance between long-term visioning and short-term operations. Cat Technology makes that balance infinitely easier, delivering a package of technology and services that uncover all sorts of insights that would be nearly impossible to identify otherwise.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Let Gregory Poole provide a consultation that helps you decide what technology and services are right for your business. Every business is unique. And Cat Technology offers insights unique to your business, actionable recommendations and information that you can then turn into better productivity, safer job sites and higher margins. Let Cat Connect help you create the business you’ve always dreamed of.

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