Gregory Poole Equipment Company Bomag 8500 Trench Roller Rental Spotlight

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Work with Gregory Poole Equipment Company for trench roller rentals from the best manufacturers in the industry. The Bomag 8500 trench roller is a versatile piece of equipment you can rent from us to use whenever you need it. Increase efficiency at your job site with a Bomag 8500 rental today.


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Today, we’re going to talk about the Bomag 8500 Trench Roller.

It’s equipped with a 40-hour remote battery life; you have 33-inch drums that reduce it to 24-inch drums, operates via radio frequency, has a single lifting hook, also automatic tilting sense at 45 degrees to prevent damage to the engine.

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Specifications of the Bomag 8500 Trench Roller

The Bomag BMP8500 Trench Roller offers design elements and capabilities that work for people in numerous industries. This trench roller has drums that can change from 24 to 33 inches quickly to accommodate various applications. The BMP8500 provides a maximum of 40 hours of battery life and operates through radio frequency, and it includes a single lifting hook and an automatic tilting sensor designed to prevent engine damage.

Benefits of Using the Bomag 8500 on Your Work Sites

Using a Bomag BMP8500 Trench Roller comes with multiple benefits. Some of the most significant advantages to using this machine include:

  • Excellent compaction: The Bomag 8500 is a high-strength trench roller that you can use for applications such as compacting soil for trenches, pipelines, sewers and more.
  • Enhanced safety: This trench roller has several safety features that will benefit your workers. If a crew member is near the machine, the travel system will automatically shut down using the Bomag operator safety system (BOSS). The operator controls the equipment from outside the trench for additional security.
  • Increased control: The Bomag 8500 is operated via remote, eliminating several of the issues associated with traditional rollers.
  • More versatility: With its varying drum sizes, the Bomag 8500 can become compact enough to fit trenches as small as 24 inches.

Contact Gregory Poole Equipment Company Today for Trench Roller Rentals

Make your trench compaction work easy using the Bomag BMP8500 Trench Roller from Gregory Poole. Trench rollers work well in numerous industries for any time you need to compact soil. Renting one is a cost-effective choice for businesses that only require them for specific jobs.

When you rent a Bomag trench roller from Gregory Poole Equipment Company, you receive all of the advantages listed above and more. Our technicians ensure that your rental trench roller is in peak operating condition before signing it off to you. You can rest assured that you can complete soil compaction jobs quickly and with exceptional results using this high-quality machine.

At Gregory Poole, we can offer flexible rental agreements that work with any budget, and our team is always available to answer your questions and provide any maintenance services you need during your rental period. For more information about renting a Bomag 8500 Trench Roller, please reach out to us online today.