Gregory Poole Equipment Company Atlas Copco 188 Air Compressor Rental Spotlight

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Air compressors are useful machines for you to have available on your job site. No matter what industry you work in, a rental Atlas Copco 188 can be a valuable piece of equipment that you can use for powering pneumatic tools and maintaining a reliable supply of air on the work site. Whether you’re replacing an owned machine that’s down for maintenance or accommodating a surge in business, renting an air compressor ensures you have it when you need it most.


Hey, everybody! I’m Drew Davis, a rental rep for Gregory Poole Equipment Company in Raleigh, North Carolina.

I’m here today to introduce the Atlas Copco 185 Air Compressor.

It’s 185 CFM air compressor at 100 PSI. It easily runs multiple air tools, and on a full load, it runs up to 8 hours.

Give us a call today. Thank you. 

Specifications of the Atlas Copco 188

The specifications of the Atlas Copco 188 are geared toward the needs of contractors in demanding industries. This air compressor runs at 188 cubic feet per minute (cfm) and yields 100 pounds per square inch (psi). The combination allows you to operate numerous air tools. The Atlas Copco 188 cfm air compressor has a maximum run time of eight hours.

Benefits of Using an Atlas Copco 188 for Supplying Compressed Air

Using this Atlas Copco air compressor rental provides many benefits for construction workers and contractors. Some of the best advantages of having a portable air compressor at your job site include:

  • Towable: Move the Atlas Copco 188 wherever you need it on your work site with the convenient wheel and hitch system.
  • Powerful: Use this capable compressor to power all sorts of air tools. Portable air compressors allow you to use specialized air tools even without access to a power grid.
  • Quiet: Portable air compressors excel on job sites where you need to keep the noise level to a minimum.

Request More Information From Gregory Poole Equipment Company Today

Power all the air tools you need for your work using the Atlas Copco 188 cfm air compressor from Gregory Poole. Portable air compressors are useful in industries ranging from construction to agriculture, and renting one is a cost-effective, easy-to-use option for individuals who only need the unit occasionally or for a specific job.

Choose Gregory Poole Equipment Company for your air compressor rentals for all these advantages and more. We have skilled technicians who perform in-depth maintenance on all of our rental equipment to ensure anything you rent from us delivers peak performance. No matter what you need, our team will support you, answer your questions and provide assistance when necessary.

We are also proud to offer flexible rental agreements that allow us to work within our customers’ budgets. Contact our team online today for more information about the Atlas Copco 188 cfm air compressor or our other rental machines.