Gregory Poole Equipment Company Allmand Night Lite Pro II Rental Spotlight

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When you need to work after dark, renting an Allmand Night Lite Pro II can work to your advantage. These light towers provide numerous benefits that allow you to work when and how you want to.


Hello, I’m Chuck Fields, a rental representative with Gregory Poole Equipment.

Today we’re going to speak about the Allmand Night Lite Pro II vertical mass light system.

I want to give you a few details on it. It has a runtime of 78.9 hours, fuel capacity of 30 gallons, 8k onboard generator, and a fluid containment system that will contain up to 110% of all fluids on board.

This will be a great addition to your next project. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call.

Specifications of the Allmand Night Lite Pro II

The specifications of the Allmand Night Lite Pro II are geared toward demanding job sites. This machine has an 8-kilowatt generator and a 30-gallon fuel capacity, allowing it to achieve a maximum run time of 78.9 hours. The Allmand Nite Lite Pro II also has a 110% fluid containment system onboard.

Benefits of Using the Allmand Night Lite Pro II

Light towers provide multiple advantages to construction workers who work after dark. Some of the most beneficial features of the Allmand Nite Lite Pro II include:

  • Compliance with safety regulations: Working on a construction site requires level one lighting. The Allmand Night Lite Pro II can meet this requirement for nighttime jobs.
  • Power from the generator: Use the built-in generator as a power source for equipment on your job site.
  • Easy towability: Take the Allmand Night Lite Pro II all over your job site or to multiple areas thanks to its integrated towing hardware.
  • Visibility and safety increases: Completing construction near a busy roadway can be more dangerous for workers at night. Reduce the risk significantly and ensure your crews maintain complete visibility with a light tower.
  • Work schedule convenience: Stay on track by working at any time of day or night. The Allmand Night Lite Pro II allows you to keep projects moving in the nighttime or late autumn hours.
  • Deterrence of vandalism and theft: Keeping your sites brightly lit discourages would-be criminals from getting too close.

Contact Gregory Poole for Light Tower Rentals Today

Keep your workspace lit up at any hour with an Allmand Night Lite Pro II. Using one of these light towers provides you with added safety and security benefits, plus you can work long into the evening to help meet tight deadlines. Renting an Allmand Night Lite Pro II from Gregory Poole Equipment Company offers you all these advantages whenever you need them.

Between uses, our expert teams perform meticulous maintenance to ensure that all our rental light towers and other equipment stay in top shape. We’re also ready to provide assistance at any time if you need support during your rental period.

We design our rental agreements for flexibility so we can meet your timing and budgetary needs. Please get in touch with us online for more information about renting an Allmand Night Lite Pro II light tower or anything else you need to get the job done.