Gregory Poole Equipment Company Kawasaki 5X Mule Rental Spotlight

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When you need a multi-terrain vehicle to transport your items and workers from one point to another, the Kawasaki 5X Mule is an excellent choice. These vehicles can provide a wealth of benefits to workers in numerous industries.


Hey, good morning! My name is Aubrey Taylor, and I’m with Gregory Poole Equipment Company and The Cat Rental Store in Raleigh.

I’m here today to talk to you about our Kawasaki 5X Mule model we carry in our rental fleet.

This unit features a 4.2-gallon fuel tank, a 926-pound load capacity, seating for two people, 11 hundred pound towing capacity, and a locking rear differential.

Give us a call today to discuss, and we’ll be happy to help you in any way we can.

Specifications of the 5X Mule

The Kawasaki 5X Mule includes several features that can make it a valuable asset on the job site, including a 4.2-gallon fuel tank to offer plenty of utility before needing a refill. The 5X Mule has a maximum load capacity of 926 pounds and a 1,100-pound towing capacity, allowing you to tow the items you need with ease.

When you need to move from one part of the job site to another quickly, this two-person utility vehicle can take you and a co-worker to your destination as efficiently as possible. The 5X Mule also has a locking rear differential to handle challenging terrain.

Benefits of Using a 5X Mule

Renting a Mule for your construction job can provide numerous benefits. Some of the advantages this utility vehicle can bring your business include:

  • Cover more area: If you’re working on a construction site that is large or spread out, you can quickly move from one section to another with the Mule 5X.
  • Drive on multiple terrains: With the compact size of this Kawasaki UTV, you can drive in places that a pickup can’t fit. Go from a paved road to grass and power through mud without losing traction.
  • Carry necessities with you: When you’re working on a job, you likely need several types of material, equipment, protective gear and more. Since the 5X Mule offers a bed and ample towing capacity, you can take everything you need on the go.

Contact Gregory Poole Equipment Company for Kawasaki 5X Mule Rentals

Rent a Kawasaki 5X Mule today to bring the capabilities of this utility vehicle to your next job site. These Kawasaki UTVs provide enhanced safety and functionality measures, and the convenience of renting means you only pay as long as you need it. Choosing to rent a 5X Mule from Gregory Poole Equipment Company offers several benefits.

We ensure each of our utility vehicles is rigorously maintained between rentals. When you only need certain equipment for specific jobs, renting is often a reliable and cost-effective option.

Our rental agreements are highly flexible, enabling us to meet your budget and time frame requirements while providing industry-leading equipment. Contact us online today for more information about our Kawasaki Mule rentals!