The Role of Warranty and Support in Selecting Heavy Equipment Parts

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The role of Warranties

Heavy construction equipment fulfills crucial responsibilities each day, from lifting and transporting materials to clearing away debris from the job site. Therefore, defects in these units can quickly throw projects off schedule. A warranty coverage plan can offer quick support and servicing to get these machines back up to par. It can also cover the cost of a replacement machine in the meantime.

When something goes awry in your heavy equipment — whether a malfunction in the engine, hydraulic system, transmission or other critical component — proper protection is more than ideal. Below, we’ll go over some important qualities to look for in heavy equipment warranties and the benefits of investing in this coverage.

What to Look for in a Heavy Equipment Warranty Plan

Reading the fine print is essential when looking into warranty options for your heavy machinery. You want to be clear on what the manufacturer will cover and what they won’t. We recommend a heavy equipment warranty that covers the following areas:

1. Equipment Protection

When a dozer, excavator, skid steer loader or other piece of equipment breaks down, having to cough up thousands for the repair is likely the last thing you want. Aside from the financial strains, faulty equipment can lead to delayed projects, decreased productivity and lost revenue.

A heavy equipment warranty should provide ample machine protection while staying within your intended budget. That way, when an unanticipated situation occurs, your machines will have the support they need. Your heavy equipment warranty should cover the cost of repairs and parts so you can reduce downtime as much as possible.

2. Replacement Parts

Consider a heavy equipment warranty that covers quality replacement parts and the labor needed to install them. You’ll need to make room for parts in your budget if they aren’t included in the warranty.

3. Extended Warranty Options

Many manufacturers offer extended warranty options, which go beyond the parts and labor in their standard coverage plans. An extended warranty is a great way to maximize your equipment’s protection. Depending on the manufacturer and policy, an extended warranty plan may cover:

  • Costs to rent machines and transport damaged equipment.
  • Mileage- and travel-related costs for transporting equipment from the job site to the dealership.

Some manufacturers provide custom warranties. These enable you to customize the number of operational hours, years, payment plans and other coverage terms.

Benefits of Warranties

What Are the Benefits of an Equipment Warranty?

Whether your projects rely on landscaping machineryforestry equipmentpower generation systems or other units, warranty coverage can serve your operations well in the long run. Here are some advantages of heavy equipment warranties.

1. Cost Savings

If you’re hesitant about spending the extra dollar upfront, know that it’s actually more cost-effective. A warranty coverage protects your equipment in the event of a malfunction or breakdown. That means you don’t have to pay out of pocket for costly fixes and replacements.

Unexpected repairs can impact your bottom line and significantly strain your budget in the long run. Opting for a warranty is a proactive way to mitigate those costs now and reduce unnecessary hassle later on.

2. Increased Productivity

It’s no secret that a heavy equipment breakdown can disrupt workflow and lead to a large decline in productivity. A warranty ensures prompt servicing when a glitch occurs, getting your equipment back on track sooner.

You won’t have to worry about scrounging the funds to pay for a repair — simply head to your dealer to inform them of the situation and request the necessary service. Some coverage plans will even cover a replacement unit while yours is out of commission.

Warranty coverage can minimize costly downtime, which translates to more productive and efficient operations. Your operations can continue as usual without unwanted interruptions.

3. Peace of Mind

Ultimately, a warranty can give you more confidence and comfort in your investment. Your equipment will be covered if things go south, giving you the utmost protection, value and peace of mind.

What Do Heavy Equipment Warranties Cover?

Heavy equipment warranties cover the costs of labor, repairs and replacement parts when mishaps strike. Purchasing new Cat® equipment, engines, parts and attachments gives you access to a Caterpillar Limited Warranty. You’ll also receive support from an industry-leading dealer network. This coverage program applies to:

  • Equipment and engines: For new Cat equipment and engines, a Caterpillar Limited Warranty covers parts and labor expenses for one or two years or a specific number of operating hours.
  • Attachments: For new Cat attachments, this warranty covers costs for six months, one year or two years or for a specific number of operating hours.
  • Parts: Caterpillar Limited Warranty covers material- and craftsmanship-related defects in new Cat parts for up to a year.
  • Cat Certified Rebuilds: For new parts installed during rebuilds, the Caterpillar Limited Warranty covers Cat Certified Rebuild equipment for up to a year.
  • Cat Certified Used: The warranty also covers Cat Certified Used equipment for up to a year or a certain number of operating hours.
  • Car Reman: A same-as-new Caterpillar Limited Warranty covers Cat Reman components against material- and craftsmanship-related defects for up to a year.

Extended Protection

Caterpillar offers extended coverage beyond its standard warranty. You can proactively manage your funds and prepare for unforeseen repair costs. Extended Service Coverage and Equipment Protection Plans (EPPs) include multiple coverage levels. Your dealer can work with you to find the right option for your business and budget.

Cat® Card

Caterpillar also offers the Cat Card, letting you pay for parts, engines, attachments, rentals, services and protection plans at participating Cat dealers. You can get everything you need without cash on hand, make affordable monthly payments and pay in full when your finances allow. Additionally, you can access the following benefits:

  • Personalized service from a Cat Financial service team
  • Opportunities to unlock exclusive financing offers
  • Cat Vantage Points on qualifying purchases
  • Revolving line of credit for your Cat purchases
  • Variable APR on revolving balances
  • No annual or renewal fees
  • Low rates and flexible payment terms
  • Secure online billing
  • A 25-day grace period

The Cat Card provides a flexible and simple payment method, making renting equipment and purchasing parts a piece of cake. Apply for the Cat Card program today!

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