Guide to North Carolina Equipment Rentals

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Looking for a piece of equipment for an upcoming project but aren’t quite ready to buy? Renting equipment can be an ideal way to get what you need for short-term or long-term projects. Here is a look at some of the types of equipment we have available at Gregory Poole and tips to help you decide what you need.

Types of Rental Equipment and Their Applications 

At Gregory Poole, we have more than seven decades of experience behind us, and we offer a wide range of North Carolina rental solutions.

Construction and Earthmoving Equipment 

We offer earthmoving equipment from Caterpillar and other quality manufacturers. Options include: 

  • Skid steer and compact track loaders: These machines are ideal for grading, loading, digging and landscaping. They can move through soft, muddy and sloped terrains. 
  • Hydraulic excavators: For digging trenches and foundations, hydraulic excavators provide the reliable performance you require to get the job done. 
  • Dozers: When you need machines for demolition, clearing rubble and leveling soil at construction sites, our dozers for rent let you complete your job efficiently.
  • Backhoe loaders: For lifting and transporting light and heavy loads within a construction site, backhoe loaders for rent from Gregory Poole give you what you need. 

Backup Power Generation Equipment

Companies in the energy and transportation industry require equipment such as the following to fulfill their clients’ needs:

  • Air compressors: Use air compressors for powering equipment in off-grid oil and drilling sites. 
  • Diesel generators: When there’s a loss of power, you want quality diesel generators to run what you need to continue operations. 
  • Compressed air dryers: These machines are ideal for clearing moisture from compressed air in remote locations. 
  • Temperature control equipment: Count on our temperature control equipment to maintain constant temperature in manufacturing facilities.

You can browse our full list of rental equipment to learn their features and applications. 

Tips for Choosing Affordable Rental Equipment in Raleigh 

To ensure you get the rental equipment you need, follow these tips: 

  • Define your objective and set your budget: Start by defining your objective with the equipment. Understanding your goal is important so you can set the right budget. Setting the right budget will ensure you save your company from overspending and avoid creating too small of a budget that may not get the job done. 
  • Find equipment that is the right size: The size of a construction machine determines how much effort your team uses to complete the task, and it can also affect the time it takes to finish the project. That means picking the right equipment size is crucial. 
  • Determine the power needed to run the equipment: Some machines might require power to run, so you’ll need to figure out if your site is properly equipped. If you’re unsure whether the power on your site can run a machine, we can help you make the right choice. 

Choose Gregory Poole for Short and Long-Term Rentals

Whether you need equipment for mining, farming, agriculture, construction and other operations, Gregory Poole has the rentals you require to get your job done. You also have our support throughout your rental period as well. If you have a question or an issue with your equipment, contact us today. We’ll help you resolve your issue quickly.