NC Department of Labor Safety Recognition

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Last week, the North Carolina Department of Labor held their 2015 Safety Awards Banquet for the Raleigh area.  Gregory Poole received 8 Gold Awards for safety excellence!  Earlier this year the company also received 3 awards for the Mebane branch, 3 for the Wilmington branch, 3 for the Fayetteville branch, one at the Washington branch and one at the Wanchese branch.  As a company, we are committed to the safety of all employees.  Safely Home. Everyone. Everyday.TM

Fayetteville Truck and Construction
Ron Vaughn accepts the Fayetteville Truck and Construction awards
Fayetteville Lift Systems
Ron Vaughn accepts the Fayetteville Lift Systems award – 5th consecutive year!
Wilmington Marine
Terry Bachelor accepts the Wilmington Marine award
Raleigh Construction
Mark Alkire accepts the Raleigh Construction Department award
Garner Truck
Rod Lamb accepts the Garner Truck department award – 3rd consecutive year!
Raleigh Parts
Jeff Curry accepts Raleigh Parts Department award – 4th consecutive year!
Raleigh Maintenance Dept
Justin Howard accepts award for Raleigh Maintenance Department – 6th consecutive year!
Elizabethtown Forestry
Dave Buda accepts Elizabethtown Forestry award – 2nd consecutive year!
Garner EPG
Keith Burton accepts award for Garner EPG group
Mebane Construction
Randy Neace accepts award for Mebane Construction
Mebane Truck
Dean Tipton accepts award for Mebane Truck dept.
Mebane Lift Systems
James Bannister accepts awards for Mebane Lift Systems
Washington Lift Systems
Robin Skillen and Matt Holcum accept the award for Washington Lift Systems