Keep Your Cool in the Heat of Summer

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Your compressors need special attention during the hot summer months. To keep your coolers and dryers functioning at peak levels during the summer months, we recommend arranging the following services before high temperatures and high humidity threaten your production.


  • Clean Coolers: Blocked or clogged coolers can inhibit effective system cooling and cause your compressors to overheat on hot summer days. Clean out each cooler before temperatures start rising. Well maintained coolers can also help the dryers work more efficiently.
  • Check Drains: Summer often comes with more humidity and the extra moisture can lead to increased condensate drainage from your compressor. Make sure your drains are in prime condition to handle the extra flow.
  • Check Ventilation: The compressor room’s ventilation system should be checked and adjusted to ensure sufficient airflow for the room. If the hot air blowing out of the cooler does not have an escape route, it could be sucked back into the inlet of the machine.
  • Change Filters: Your compressor will run cooler and use less energy if the air and oil filers are clean. Dirty filters can lower the pressure within the system and cause the machine to work harder to make up for it.
  • Adjust Water Cooling: For any compression systems using water to cool the machine, adjust the temperature of water entering the compressor so it is cool enough for the summer. Failing to do so can lead to higher operating temperatures, which means more frequent oil changes and possible overheating.

The above services are offered on all makes and models of dryers and compressors.

For those customers who have a Preventative Maintenance contract with us, the above services are supplemental to your existing services.

To learn more, please contact your Compressed Air Systems Sales Representative, call 800-447-3141 or email