Gregory Poole Aids in Increasing PNC Arena Capacity for NHL Playoffs

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At Gregory Poole, our temperature control equipment helps create a comfortable atmosphere in many applications, such as inside manufacturing plants and entertainment venues. Recently, we added PNC Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina, to the list of local establishments we serve.

PNC Arena partnered with us to install a 500-ton air chiller on-site. The equipment will increase the volume of circulated air brought in from outside the arena and maintain a consistent temperature for the ice hockey playing surface.

The National Hockey League (NHL) has specific air flow and air quality guidelines for the safety of attending fans, the hockey team’s players and arena staff. With this upgrade installed, the NHL approved the Carolina Hurricanes’ plan to welcome more fans for the rest of the 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs. From Game 7 of the first round of the playoffs through the remainder of postseason hockey, Hurricanes fans can turn out in greater numbers and add to an already electric atmosphere.

The capacity rose from 12,000 attendees to more than 15,000. Hopefully, thousands of more Caniacs cheering in the stands can propel the Hurricanes to their second Stanley Cup since their first trophy in 2006.

Don Waddell, president and general manager of the Carolina Hurricanes, thanked the NHL for their approval, which allowed the team to increase capacity safely in time for Game 7. He praised the exciting atmosphere that their home games have and said the team looked forward to having more passionate fans in the arena.

The crews from Gregory Poole worked closely with PNC Arena staff and the Hurricanes’ management to get the air chiller up and running before the team’s next home game. Our crew helped identify the right cooling and ventilation solution, and the arena will have our dedicated support and service to keep the chiller performing optimally. We’re humbled to be a local solution for the region’s professional hockey team.

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