Gregory Poole Advantage – Episode #1 Construction Welding

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Greg Poole IV: Welcome to Gregory Poole equipment company. My name is Greg Poole the fourth and I represent the next generation of family leadership here at Gregory Poole.

Greg Poole IV: Today we’re at Gregory Poole Equipment Company headquarters in Raleigh North Carolina and we’re excited to share with you the start of a new video series that is going to outline a number of different projects that we’re working on in a number of different industries.

Greg Poole IV: Industries that we serve include construction, energy and transportation, and lift systems and within all of those industries, we have a lot of stories to tell and a lot of cool people to introduce you to. 

Greg Poole IV: Here at Gregory Poole, we have one of the most talented workforces in the entire industry. Today we’re going to look at the construction division specifically, and we’re going to take a dive into construction welding and talk to our master technician and squad leader J.O. Osborne in the Raleigh welding shop.

Greg Poole IV:  J.O. has been with us for over 20 years and today he’s going to show us something really neat we’re doing with a lime boring project on the blade of a d8 Dozer.

Greg Poole IV:  J.O. what are we looking at right here?

J.O. Osborne: What we’re looking at Greg is the front of the d8 blade that we’re doing the certified rebuild on over in the main shop.

Greg Poole IV: Okay.

J.O. Osborne: And we get all the components, all the wear items necessary for it to fit the cap criteria for a certified rebuild. So what we’ve done is new side plates, we’ve ultrasounded the blade face and checked the thickness and decided it needed an extra liner so we installed the liner all the way across and all the new GET in the front.

J.O. Osborne: So what we do here is we weld these bores, we set up our portable bore machine, and then we re-cut the bores back to cat specs, so this machine will be as like-new as possible.

Adam Warren: Whenever we have a line-born opportunity it’s just a worn hole that we’ll weld up and then we re-machine the hole back out to the proper spec. So, I’m running the boring bit in there a little bit each time and making a cut all the way through the hole so I’m just listening and making sure that that bit’s still cutting it’s not going to jam up or that nothing gets caught in that bar because that’s a high torque bar.

Greg Poole IV: Thank you for joining us today in our Raleigh welding shop. J.O. and Adam did a great job taking us behind the scenes as they rebuilt the blade of a CAT d8 dozer.

Greg Poole IV: This blade is now back on the machine and the machine is back in the field.

Greg Poole IV: This concludes our first episode in the Gregory Poole advantage series. If you have any questions or comments or recommendations for future content, please share them below.

Greg Poole IV: If you are interested in learning more about a career as a technician, please visit our website or reach out to one of our recruiters.

Greg Poole IV: We look forward to seeing you next time in episode two. In the meantime, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or LinkedIn to see what we’re up to.