Rediseño del curso de Pinehurst No. 4

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LaBar Golf Renovations construye NC

In North Carolina, we all recognize Pinehurst for its legendary golf courses.  As America’s first golf resort and three-time U.S. Open site, Pinehurst has greatly helped define the American golf story. Of the 9 great courses Pinehurst has to offer, there is one in particular you should be aware of. In Fall 2017, acclaimed golf architect Gil Hanse began with the redesign of Pinehurst No. 4.

With the help of LaBar Golf Renovations, Pinehurst No. 4 is being restored to match the original character and spirit of the Pinehurst golf experience. The LaBar team has been working hard since the fall to have the course done for its reopening on September 20, 2018. The LaBar team began the renovations back in October 2017 and have a great ability to capture the character of Pinehurst through these changes. Employees of LaBar are not only passionate about course development, but also appreciate the game. You can see that passion when you look at the completed holes on Pinehurst No. 4 so far.

Currently, LaBar is working on holes #17 and #18, and are relying on their Cat® equipment to get the job done. The company owns a couple of their own Cat Excavators, but because they renovate golf courses all over the country, they choose to rely on The Cat Rental Store to provide them with the other equipment they need. With the work they have left to do on this course, LaBar is running 2 Compact Track Loaders (including a 289D and a 299D2), 3 Hydrema Trucks, and a D6K2 LGP Dozer, in addition to the two 315F Ls they own.

Founder and CEO of LaBar Golf Renovations, Rich LaBar, fell in love with the game of golf as a teenager and has since dedicated his life to carving out a place in the industry as a premier golf course renovator and restorer. With renovation jobs all over the US, the company has grown into a powerhouse of the golf course construction industry. LaBar is headquartered out of New Jersey, and has nearly 100 years of combined experience among their team, many of whom have been working together since 1994.