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More Power, Less Noise and All the Performance Your Sport Fishing Boat Needs

The Cat® C32 engine you know and love is now available in 2,025 mhp. New from the block up, with all the reliability, support and peace of mind you expect from Caterpillar, the Cat C32B engine gives you more power and more speed in a quieter package. It’s the perfect choice for sport fishing boats, motor yachts or any application that demands a high-performance engine. And this 2,025-mhp model is just the beginning — stay tuned for more additions to the C32B lineup.

Cat C32B Engine Specs

Caterpillar Marine announced the launch of the new Cat C32B high-performance 2000 HP (2025 MHP) marine engine with a rated engine speed of 2,300 rpm. This engine meets emerging market demands and expands the power capability of the C32 high-performance Cat engine product line, delivering a 5% power increase over existing C32 ratings. Customers familiar with the current C32 engine can expect a similar look with the new model, as well as most of the same connection points and footprint.

The Cat C32B engine will be available with the same emissions certifications as the current C32 high-performance ratings, including EPA Tier 3 Recreational and IMO II. Beyond power density improvement, additional benefits include updated electronics (ADEM 6 ECM) and an enhanced unit injector fuel system, enabling multiple injections to help improve noise and vibration characteristics from combustion.

Benefits of the Cat C32B Engine

The new Cat C32B marine engine is the latest on the market, which means it has the most advanced capabilities for optimal performance and efficiency.

The Cat C32B engine comes with all of the following advantages:

  • Simple replacement: This engine is a drop-in replacement for your current Cat C32, meaning it fits seamlessly into the same spot as the previous model without requiring modifications.
  • Higher horsepower: The Cat C32B’s engine operates at 2,205 mhp up to 8% of the time, delivering 5% more power than its predecessor at only 2% higher weight.
  • Quiet operation: Due to its advanced unit injection fuel system, the C32B is 25% quieter than the C32 when operating under low-speed conditions.
  • Greater cleanliness: The C32B high-performance Cat engine contains ultra high-energy plus filters, which minimize contamination for minimal maintenance and longer component life.
  • Continuous protection: When you purchase the Cat C32B, you’ll get an unlimited-hour protection warranty for your first two years and the option of Extended Service Coverage (ESC) for the next three.

What to Expect From the C32B Marine Engine

“We’re very excited to offer our customers more power with the C32B engine, while also helping to reduce engine noise and continuing to provide excellent engine performance and reliability,” says Allen Bowman, marine product strategy engineer for Caterpillar Marine. “The C32B will provide expanded opportunities for our customers for new builds and repower options, which is generating excitement about the future of the C32B and what it will bring to the market.”

The Cat C32B marine engine comes with industry-leading warranty coverage and the support of the Cat dealer network, which works to ensure superior support and service not only during the initial sale but for the entire life of the engine.


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