Benefits of Buying a Used Bus

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Benefits of Buying a Used Bus

Many businesses and organizations — daycare centers, senior centers, churches, community organizations and everything in between — utilize buses as a beneficial form of transportation for their members and clients. If your company is considering purchasing a bus, you may be wondering whether purchasing a new or used bus is better. It all depends on your budget, preferences and needs, though you’ll enjoy numerous benefits when shopping for a used vehicle.

6 Advantages of Purchasing a Used Bus

6 Advantages of Purchasing a Used Bus

Used buses can provide cost savings, environmental benefits, quick delivery times and more unique benefits. While shopping, you might have a couple of questions — how much does it cost to buy a used bus and what is the lifespan of the bus? Narrowing down the answers can help you examine your options relating to your personal situation.

Let’s take a closer look at the top six benefits that buying a used bus can provide:

1. Cost-Effective

How much does it cost to buy a used bus? This depends on the specific model, but one of the top benefits of buying a used bus is that it’s almost always more economical than buying a new one. A used vehicle of any kind often comes at a fraction of the price of a new one. This means a lower overall investment and lower monthly payments if the vehicle is financed.

Another cost-related consideration is depreciation. All vehicles depreciate at a much higher rate during their first few years of operation. Over time, the rate of depreciation slows significantly, so buying used is a way to skip over that initial larger drop in value. This means you won’t lose as much on your original investment when you buy used. If you decide to sell the bus later, you may be able to recoup more of what you paid for it than if you had purchased a new model.

2. More Options

Buses are available in a wider variety of sizes and styles than some people think. From school buses to charter buses and shuttle buses to mini varieties, there’s a bus for every style, preference and purpose. While many of these styles are available new, when you open up your search to include used models, you have a wider variety to consider.

In addition, you can use the money you saved by buying used to customize your bus to your preferences and requirements, ensuring you get exactly the bus you need. If you have diverse needs, you may want to consider purchasing a combination of used buses — perhaps a used school bus for larger groups and a used mini shuttle for smaller groups. You may be able to configure your bus or outfit your fleet for what it costs to buy one new bus.

3. Availability

When you shop for used buses, you’ll find there are many buses available immediately. If you need a bus right away, this can be a huge benefit. All sorts of supply chain issues and parts shortages can lead to delays in manufacturing and delivering new vehicles. These delays become even more apparent when you need special bus features that require more time to implement.

Overall, when you buy used, you can have your pick of many styles, models, ages and conditions, ensuring you can find the right one for your situation fast. Eventually, you may choose to install add-ons to help your bus better suit your needs, but you’ll be able to meet your transportation requirements much more quickly in the meantime.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Buses themselves are an environmentally friendly transportation option. A bus can transport many people at the same time, meaning that overall fuel usage and pollution are less than if each individual drove their own car. Even if several groups take cars together, it still can’t compete with a bus in terms of the environmental impact of the trip. Using a bus takes more cars off the road, helping supply a healthier environment.

Buying a used bus in particular can take environmentalism efforts a step further. Buying used reduces the demand for new parts and materials. Therefore, you can reduce waste and keep a used bus out of the landfill. Though the life span of a bus varies greatly, regular maintenance will keep yours on the road for several years so you can continue to make a sustainable difference.

5. Quick Delivery

As mentioned, buying new is often subject to delays because of supply chain issues or shortages in certain materials and parts. This means that even if you’re ready to purchase now, you may have to wait months before you receive your vehicle, especially if you’ve included special modifications or custom options. 

On the other hand, you’ll rarely have to wait long for a used bus. With so many used buses available, you’re far more likely to drive away with your purchase sooner than you would when buying a new bus.

6. Ease of Expansion

If your organization is growing, you may need to think about expanding your fleet of transportation systems. You may have the need for multiple buses at once or need to add additional buses in the near future. The cost-effective nature of purchasing used buses means it’s easier to expand your fleet when necessary. You can buy several used buses at once for a fraction of the cost of new buses, or add vehicles as needed without worrying about the cost of buying new.

Used Buses From Gregory Poole Equipment Company

Used Buses From Gregory Poole Equipment Company

At Gregory Poole Equipment Company, our staff knows all the ins and outs of buses, and we’re proud to offer a wide selection of new and used buses for sale. We’ll get to know your needs and help you find just the right bus — or buses — for your organization.

For more than 70 years, customers just like you in North Carolina have trusted Gregory Poole for their transportation and equipment services. We understand our customers want cost-effective solutions and quick turnaround times, and we aim to deliver. If you’re ready to shop for a used bus, contact us today to get started.