3 Ways to Save with Remanufactured Parts

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Wonder what Cat® Reman injectors can offer your equipment? Explore these three ways that remanufactured injectors from Caterpillar can save you on expenses while optimizing your engine. Get efficiency with performance, protection and long-lasting quality.



Cat Reman products provide peak performance capabilities, maximum staying power, and are made to last. Through remanufacturing, we make one of the greatest contributions to sustainable development—keeping nonrenewable resources in circulation for multiple lifetimes.

Once a customer returns a used core — or engine component — to Gregory Poole, it goes through an extensive remanufacturing procedure in order to be disassembled to its individual components. Then, piece parts undergo a thorough cleaning and are sorted to decide the application of salvage techniques which resurface components to meet original specifications. After salvage, all components go through our multi-stage final cleaning process before assembly.

Throughout the remanufacturing process, Cat Reman critical components like plungers and valves are hard coated against excessive wear. This covering promotes up to 3 times the life expectancy of non-coated components. With this longevity in your equipment, you’re less likely to spend time and money on repairs.


It’s the quality that sets our Reman injectors apart. They include:

  • Brand new control valves and nozzle check valves
  • Coated plungers
  • 100% conformance to Caterpillar Injector group component and test specs
  • Reground tappet surfaces and control body valve seats
  • Body sealing, stop sealing and body guide sealing faces
  • Up-to-date tip material
  • Matched components — down to the micron level

To prove that Cat Reman injectors provide superior performance, Caterpillar tested them against competitive products. As a result, over 85% of the competitive injectors failed to meet our rigorous Cat injector specifications. Cat Reman injectors are in their own league.


Lastly, it’s the convenience that makes our remanufactured parts worth the investment.

Caterpillar streamlines the overhaul process for you and your technicians, so you don’t have to worry about an intensive rebuilding, cleaning or inspection process for Cat Reman components. The remanufacturing program is an ideal way to reduce downtime, while helping you to lower owning and operating costs. Over the counter availability gives you more options at repair and overhaul time helping to maximize productivity.

So, now you know. Take proactive steps and stay ahead of potentially costly downtime by considering Cat Reman injectors — designed to offer same-as-new performance and reliability for a fraction of the cost. Remanufactured parts are good for customers, good for business, and most importantly; good for the environment.