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Cat® GRADE Control

In a wide range of industries and applications, heavy equipment fleet managers are benefitting from advanced technology that helps them achieve greater accuracy in any task. While nothing can substitute the expertise of a skilled operator, technological solutions such as the Cat GRADE system are an invaluable ally.

GRADE is a flexible system available on many new Cat track-type tractors, excavators, wheel tractor scrapers and other machines. This exclusive technology leverages data-driven insights to provide increased control during sensitive processes. In eastern North Carolina, you’ll only find it available from Gregory Poole, the region’s representative of new Cat machines, systems and tools.

Applications and Benefits

here are numerous potential applications for the Cat GRADE system:

Use Cat GRADE to position cutting edges with greater precision, helping you make sure depth and slope settings are accurate at every pass. Both new and experienced operators can benefit from the precise guidance features GRADE offers. You’ll see immediate benefits in both average cycle times and fuel consumption.

Cat GRADE can help you achieve more consistent results with less effort, simplifying the load-haul-dump cycle, optimizing loading processes and eliminating overcutting. Best of all, GRADE works with the sensors, displays and data processes already installed on your Cat scraper, making it a far more streamlined and integrated alternative to aftermarket systems.

Cat GRADE helps you grade with greater confidence by automating blade movements to maintain precise cross slopes. An all-in-one grade control system, GRADE works with all new Cat motor graders and comes fully installed, calibrated and ready to use in any roadwork application.

By providing real-time blade tip position and elevation guidance, Cat GRADE can help you hit targets in fewer passes. Fleets that add Cat 3D grade control to their dozers see productivity gains of as much as 50% compared to traditional processes. Slope assist technology requires no external laser or GPS reference systems, while still delivering accurate results, pass after pass.

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