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New Horizontal Grinders

Horizontal grinders allow you to turn wooden construction and land clearing materials into usable products like mulch, compost and animal bedding. While at a job site, workers can easily feed logs, bark, leaves, pallets and demolition materials into the grinder for processing.

The main advantage of new horizontal wood grinders is their safety. A conveyor carries the materials into the grinder slowly, and another conveyor moves the final product to a pile on the other side. Due to their horizontal feeding systems, the horizontal wood grinders for sale from Gregory Poole are less likely to throw objects and materials than older tub-style models, which means you can safely use them in neighborhoods and other populated areas.

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Buy Peterson Horizontal Grinders

At Gregory Poole Equipment Company, we offer new horizontal grinders from Peterson, a trusted manufacturer of grinders and chippers. Whether you work in landscaping, forestry or construction, we can provide the equipment and support you need. Browse our selection of Peterson horizontal grinders for sale and request a quote today, or contact us for more information.