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Vision Propane Buses

Many schools and other bus buyers are seeking models that run on alternative fuels to reduce pollution. Propane is a common choice because it is cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Blue Bird Vision Propane buses are an excellent choice for schools or other organizations in need of buses that use alternative fuel sources without sacrificing performance. 

Get a Vision Propane bus from Gregory Poole Bus Sales. We serve North and South Carolina with an extensive selection of quality buses at an affordable price.

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Capacity Up to 83 passangers
Fuel Tank 47-93 usable gal
GVWR Up to 33,000 lbs
Horsepower 350

Details on Blue Bird Vision Propane Buses

Blue Bird began in 1927 with the goal of building the world’s finest school bus, and that vision still drives the company today. The fifth-generation Vision Propane delivers on this goal. It provides a solution for transporting children to school, sporting events, field trips and summer camps. Here are a few details about this bus:

  • It holds up to 83 passengers, giving plenty of room to carry students on your routes.
  • The bus uses a Ford 7.3-liter engine with the ROUSH CleanTech Propane Fuel System.
  • The transmission is a Ford 6R140 6-speed automatic, the global bus standard.
  • Different models hold from 47 to 93 gallons of fuel to keep the bus running even on long drives.
  • Vision Propane buses use 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes with a 4-channel antilock brake system.
  • A gross vehicle weight rating of 33,000 pounds means the bus can hold heavy loads.
  • The interior is over 6 feet tall, creating plenty of headroom for passengers of any age.

Advantages of Blue Bird Vision Propane Models

Vision Propane buses provide various benefits that make them a good choice for schools and other organizations. They run on a cost-effective fuel that offers excellent efficiency. Many school districts save thousands per year by switching to propane buses. Propane also results in safer, cleaner operations. 

A simplified emission system and durable engine and transmission keep these buses running better for longer. Vision Propane owners can save on the maintenance of parts and fluids for cost-effective long-term ownership.

This bus provides advantages in terms of quality as well, with an ergonomic driver’s cockpit, high-performance window seals and larger bumpers than any other bus in the industry. Blue Bird buses also prioritize safety with built-in features like a custom, one-piece roof bow system. 

Benefits of Buying From Gregory Poole Bus Sales

Gregory Poole has served North and South Carolina since 1951, providing equipment sales and related services. Here are a few benefits we offer our customers:

  • We are the exclusive Blue Bird dealer for North and South Carolina. 
  • Our selection includes an extensive supply of buses.
  • We provide financing options to make your Vision Propane bus more affordable
  • You can come to us for parts if your bus ever needs repair.
  • We repair all components of buses, from the engine to the electrical systems.
  • We provide preventive maintenance at our top-of-the-line service centers.

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Gregory Poole Bus Sales offers the Vision Propane bus for school districts and others seeking transportation solutions. These buses provide a cost-effective and efficient choice for student transportation, with plenty of seating and top-grade engines and transmissions. Contact us online to learn more about this bus and discuss your purchase options.