Used Waste Equipment

You rely on quality machinery to process waste in a cost-effective manner. While the ability of your crew to get the job done is key to the success of your business, keeping expenses down is essential, too. As with any heavy industry, buying used equipment is an excellent alternative to new. With the legendary quality of Cat® machinery, it’s easy to find a machine that works for both your budget and your productivity.

Gregory Poole can help you find the used Cat waste equipment you need to take your business to the next level. Visit any of our locations in eastern North Carolina for assistance.

Benefits of Buying Used

Used Cat waste equipment — whether it’s an excavator, backhoe, compactor or another machine — can be a strategic investment for the long-term health and productivity of your fleet. When you buy used:

  • You get a quality machine at a great price. Cutting down capital costs is a key goal for any organization. When you buy used equipment, you save the initial depreciation while still getting a machine that will have a strong resale value should you decide to upgrade in the future.
  • You stretch your budget further. Likewise, buying used lets you get more equipment than your purchasing dollar would allow if you were limited to new. Over time, this translates to ongoing value through lower operating costs, less downtime and greater productivity.
  • You get up and running faster. New machines, particularly specially configured waste equipment, can take weeks or longer to arrive from the manufacturer. When you buy used, there are fewer delays. You can get running — and turn a profit — sooner.

Purpose-built Equipment for the Waste Industry

We all know the toll work in waste processing and recycling centers can take on heavy machinery. Cat waste equipment can rise to the challenge these environments pose, with special features such as guarding and puncture-proof tires that prevent avoidable damage and downtime. As with all Cat equipment, the company’s waste processing machines also deliver a lower cost of ownership and versatile performance thanks to a range of available work tools.

To learn more about the benefits of Cat equipment or for help sourcing a used machine to add to your fleet, contact Gregory Poole today.