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Used Equipment for Government and Defense Contractors

Buying used equipment is a smart, economical choice for any application. Government agencies and defense contractors can benefit in many ways, such as:

  • Keeping costs down. Many government agencies and contractors find themselves under increasing political pressure to keep costs down without sacrificing their ability to get the job done quickly and effectively. Buying used cuts down one of the main expenses of any project — equipment — while still giving you a quality machine you and your crew can count on.
  • Better availability. Ordering new equipment can involve a wait time of weeks or even longer, particularly when you need special tools or attachments. With used, you can get the equipment you need right away, so you can get started on an important job without delay.
  • Less depreciation. By avoiding the initial depreciation that comes with buying new, you save money while still getting a machine that will command a strong resale value once the job is done. Well-maintained machines by Cat® and allied brands tend to level off in value a year or two after purchase.

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Why Cat Is Your Best Choice for Used Equipment

The quality of Cat equipment is well known. A used Cat backhoe, wheel loader or another machine delivers long-term benefits in the form of lower maintenance requirements, more versatility and greater fuel efficiency, even when compared to a comparably priced new unit by another manufacturer. Choosing Cat can help you speed up cycle times, reduce liability, improve productivity and keep operating costs low — all key benefits for heavily scrutinized government contractors.

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Gregory Poole has been a Cat dealer since 1951. We are the only Cat dealer in the eastern portion of North Carolina. As a result, our customers benefit from exclusive diagnostic and repair technologies that make buying used transparent and worry-free. We source many of our machines from our rental fleet, which we cared for according to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule throughout their operational life.

We have many low-hour machines, and all used units are in excellent condition for their age. Browse our current selection online or contact a representative for in-person assistance.