300.9D Mini Hydraulic Excavator

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Caterpillar is pleased to announce the introduction of the 300.9D sub 3 ton mini excavator machine. The 300.9D expands the Cat® Mini Excavator offering. Most notably, the new 300.9D sub 1 tonne class provides customers with a lower cost unit for entrance into MHE ownership.

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Battery 12 V, 20 Amp
Diesel Tank Volume 2.64gal (US)
Displacement 52in³
Emissions Meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage V emission standards.
Engine Model Yanmar 31NV70
Flywheel Output ISO 13HP
Gross Power - ISO 14396 18HP
Make/Type Yanmar 31NV70
Maximum Engine Output 18HP
Net Power 13HP
Rated Speed 2100r/min
Type Water cooled model 3-cylinder diesel engine
Operating Weight 2061lb
Operating Weight - With Safety Frame 2170lb
Operating Weight - Without Safety Frame 2061lb
Boom Swing Angle - Left 55°
Boom Swing Angle - Right 56°
Dig Depth 68in
Height - With ROPS Safety Frame Folded Down 4.94ft
Height - With ROPS Safety Frame Unfolded 7.47ft
Length - Undercarriage 4ft
Maximum Dig Height 9.39ft
Maximum Dozer Dig Depth 7in
Maximum Dozer Lift Height 8in
Maximum Dump Height 6.68ft
Maximum Reach 10.09ft
Maximum Reach - Ground Level 9.92ft
Maximum Vertical Dig Depth 4.43ft
Minimum Front Linkage Swing Radius 3.77ft
Tail Swing Radius 2.41ft
Track Width 7in
Transport Length - Arm Lowered 9ft
Undercarriage Width - Extended 2.83ft
Undercarriage Width - Retracted 2.33ft
Width 2.4ft
Discharge Capacity 11.4 + 11.4 L/min (3 + 3 gal/min)
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 3.7gal (US)
Operating Pressure Pivot 1015psi
Operating Pressure for the Work and Travel Hydraulics 2466psi
Pumps 2 gear pumps
Digging Force - Bucket 2000lb
Digging Force - Stick 1011lb
Operating Weight - With Safety Frame 2170lb
Operating Weight - Without Safety Frame 2061lb
Gradeability 30°/58%
Ground Clearance 5in
Ground Pressure 3.5psi
Machine Swing Speed 8r/min
Number of Rollers - Each Side 2
Track Width 7in
Travel Speed 1.12mile/h
Machine Overhang 12.5in
Stick Length - Standard 34.8in
Dig Depth 7in
Height 8in
Lift Height 8in
Width 28in
Sound Power Level (LWA) (to 2000/14/EG) 93dB(A)

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