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The latest generation of Blue Bird activity buses for sale from Gregory Poole represent the culmination of over 85 years of experience in transporting passengers of all ages. Today’s Blue Bird buses feature greater fuel efficiency, easier maneuverability and improved operator comfort. Whether you are carrying 10 students or 90, Gregory Poole has a Blue Bird activity bus for sale that will meet your needs.


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As your exclusive provider of new Blue Bird activity buses for sale in North Carolina, Gregory Poole offers the best selection of flexible, reliable products at a price that will meet your budget. Our expert team will help assess your needs in order to find the cost-effective activity bus that’s a perfect fit for your business or organization. In addition to our lineup of new activities buses for sale, we also offer warranty work, flexible financing optionsparts distribution, accessories and more.


We’re the best at what we do because we go out of our way to provide you with exceptional quality and value. In fact, no other dealer delivers the comprehensive after-sale support Gregory Poole has built its reputation on. For more information about activity buses for sale from Gregory Poole Bus Sales, give us a call or visit one of our three locations today.


Vision Activity Bus for Sale

The Blue Bird Vision forges ahead as a leader in activity bus safety. Whether you are a public or private school, summer camp or local senior center, there’s no safer or more effective way to travel. The Vision’s purpose-built, angled hood offers the greatest loading and unloading zone field of vision in a conventional Type C activity bus. The instrumentation includes a driver-information-display panel to provide a wealth of system information to both drivers and service technicians.

Our Vision buses for sale are available with options and accessories to specifically match your requirements. A choice of diesel, gas, CNG (compressed natural gas), electric or propane engines offers activity bus customers an attractive array of fuel options to meet changing market needs. And with capacities ranging from 48 – 77 students, the Blue Bird Vision offers the flexibility needed for today’s transportation needs and the safety, quality, and durability to ensure that this school bus continues to meet those needs well into the life of the vehicle.

  • 48 – 77 student capacity
  • Choice of diesel or propane engines

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All American Activity Bus for Sale (Rear Engine or Forward Engine)

The All American activity bus extends Blue Bird’s legacy of leadership. It’s earned its place as one of the most popular activity buses for sale in NC by setting new industry standards for driver ergonomics and productivity, safety, serviceability, passenger comfort, and life-cycle value. From its 33% larger, bonded-for-strength windshield to its recessed LED rear lighting, its new features rest on our time-honored foundation of school-bus-specific design, superior materials, and cut-no-corners construction.

The All American activity bus is specifically designed for easier operator use, passenger comfort, and overall safety and performance. With capacities ranging up to 90 students and attractive fuel choices of diesel, compressed natural gas or electric, the All American is an ideal transportation solution, especially on routes requiring extra power.

  • 66 – 90 student capacity
  • Choice of diesel, compressed natural gas or electric engines

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Mini (Single/Dual Rear Wheel) Activity Buses for Sale

When you are in the market for an activity bus for sale for smaller groups, the Blue Bird Mini provides an efficient solution. With 3 models to choose from in multiple fuel types, Blue Bird offers a full line of Micro Bird Type A buses to meet your specific needs. Drawing on more than 80 years of experience, Blue Bird has developed a Type A line that meets or exceeds all requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards – for both standard seating and wheelchair accessibility models.

With seating from 10-30 passengers, each Micro Bird model activity bus for sale is engineered for quality and equipped with the very latest safety features, including: a heavy-duty steel roll cage, purpose-built passenger seats, a full-view outward opening entrance door, and a special driver view window. Micro Birds are available with a choice of Ford or GM chassis and single or dual rear wheels, so that customers can be assured, there is a Micro Bird equipped to meet your small bus needs. Available engine types are gasoline, diesel, propane or electric.

The Blue Bird Micro Bird offers real bus strength, unrivaled safety, and years of dependable service. Features of the Blue Bird Micro Bird body include Blue Bird’s trademark one-piece roof bows and unitized body construction and our embossed drip visors over windows to prevent corrosion. Heavy-duty structural components from front to rear form a sturdy steel fortress around passengers and provide extra strength that adds years to the life of the bus.

  • 10 – 30 student capacity
  • Choice of gasoline, diesel, propane or electric engines

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