P218 Secondary Pulverizer

Secondary pulverizers quickly process concrete debris. The jaws open wide to grab concrete from any side, and are powered by SpeedBooster technology to crush fast and powerfully. Depend on the reliability, and uptime you’ll enjoy – all commonly serviced parts can be changed with hand tools. And wherever you go, your Cat dealer has your back.

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Cycle Time - Open 1.8s
Cycle Time - Close 1.2s
Cutting Force - Blade Center 351Sh Ton
Crushing Force - Cutter Tip 192Sh Ton
Crushing Force - Tooth Tip 107Sh Ton
Jaw Circuit - Max. Oil Pressure 5076lb/in²
Jaw Circuit - Max. Oil Flow 59gal/min
Jaw Depth 30.3in
Cutter Length 5.9in
Jaw Opening - Maximum 42.1in
Jaw Width - Fixed 24.4in
Jaw Width - Moving 13.2in
Height 57.1in
Width 22.8in
Capacity - Concrete Thickness 26in
Jaw Width - Fixed 17.3in
Length 95in
Jaw Opening 33in
Jaw Depth 28.4in
Weight 3710lb
Closing Force - Rebar Cutter 226Sh Ton
Closing Force - Tip 117Sh Ton
Length 97in
Width 24.4in
Weight - Housing, Jaw and Bracket 4409lb
Excavator Minimum 18000
Excavator Maximum 25000