Advanced Electrical Solutions (Switchgear, Ups and ATS)

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Power Quality and Controls

When your business’s ability to remain productive and regulatory compliant is on the line, failure isn’t an option. Gregory Poole meets your needs for consistent and reliable power quality and controls with a full range of maintenance, repair and monitoring

Switchgear and Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) Repairs

It’s crucial to know your backup generator is ready to respond in case of a temporary electrical power outage. Our factory-trained technicians have the expertise to work with all different makes and models of power systems. We can provide the Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) and switchgear maintenance that your equipment needs.

  • Complete ATS preventative maintenance services for automatic transfer switches by factory trained technicians
  • Maintenance of all types of switchgear including paralleling gear, monitoring gear, peak shaving gear, control centers, and more
  • Surveying and reporting of all documentation for customer history files
  • Modifications and retrofits

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Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Services

Having a dependable backup to your primary power source is a necessity in a variety of industries. We offer a complete line of UPS Services to maintain your Uninterruptible Power Supply.

  • Flywheel UPS Service
  • Battery UPS Service

Cat Technology and Digital Services

Cat Technology and Digital Services can tell you how your assets are performing, if they are ready to run, when they need service and more. Utilizing Cat Technology, you can maximize uptime and extend equipment life, plan maintenance schedules and eliminate the need for additional third-party monitoring. Having performance data from Cat Technology allows you to determine efficient and cost-effective ways to improve the visibility of your assets and to catch potential problems early before they become catastrophic.

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Infrared Surveying

We offer surveys on switchgear, transfer switches, breakers, UPS systems, bus bars, transformers and control panels. Gregory Poole uses cameras from FLIR Systems, the global leader in infrared cameras.

An infrared inspection program protects your investment in capital equipment by:

  • Ensuring Proper Equipment Operation
  • Validating Repair/Maintenance Work
  • Verifying Correct Operating Temperatures
  • Averting Unscheduled Shutdowns
  • Reducing Maintenance and Repair Costs
  • Maximizing Equipment Life
  • Improving Reliability

Additional Services

Primary injection testing normally involves injecting the required actual current through the circuit breaker that will operate the protective device in the breaker. Secondary injection testing is normally conducted when the circuit breaker is closed but is not carrying any current through its main poles.

Includes facilitating coordination studies, beginning with the utility transformer and finishing with your facilities branch circuit panels.

NFPA 70E (Electrical Safety in the Work Place)
For your maintenance personnel , or anyone in your facility that would like a firsthand look into Electrical Safety, including Lock-Out-Tag-Out , and Arc-Flash Awareness. The class is approved by the NC Board of Electrical Contractors and recognized for 8 contact hours for required CEU`S.

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