Load Bank Rentals

You rely on backup electrical generators to ensure your business has the power it needs when the power is out. To prevent costly downtime, reduced production or loss of critical data and breach of regulatory compliance you must know your equipment is ready to respond in case of an emergency shut down, power outage or extreme weather. Renting top-quality generator load banks from a reliable source is an economical way to meet your power system challenges and mitigate dangers relating to blackouts, accidents and emergencies.

As a full-service heavy equipment and power solutions company, Gregory Poole is prepared to meet all of your mission-critical needs. We not only are the go-to source for rental equipment including emergency, standby, primary and continuous power generators, but we also provide load bank rentals to help ensure your equipment is in working order and you’re fully prepared for the unexpected. Our experienced team provides the knowledge and guidance to help you choose the load bank rentals you require.

When you partner with us for generator load bank rentals, you benefit from:

  • Low-hour, late-model equipment that’s been meticulously tested by skilled technicians
  • Multiple locations to rent load banks and power systems across eastern North Carolina
  • Quick and easy ordering and fast product delivery throughout our territory
  • Ongoing technical support and available 24/7 emergency services

Why Load Bank Rentals Make Sense for Your Organization

No matter what industry you work in (warehousing, manufacturing, healthcare, financial or any other industry that depends on reliable backup power), regularly testing your generators is absolutely essential. However, a basic test-run fails to simulate the conditions of running with a realistic energy load and as a result may not reveal performance issues. Load bank rentals provide a cost-effective way to access the equipment necessary for conducting load bank testing on your backup power system.

Load bank rentals allow you to monitor your systems at full rated capacity and measure the performance of key components. It’s the best way to get an accurate reading on generator set fluid temperatures, amps, voltages and kW output. With real-time data about the operational state of your generators, you can assess conditions and arrange for any necessary service or repairs.

Renting Generator Load Banks From Gregory Poole

Whether you’re focused on lowering operating costs or you’re facing short-term or frequently-changing applications, there are times in business when a temporary equipment solution makes the most sense. Gregory Poole is home to an extensive variety of generator load banks for rent and can custom-configure a power system testing solution to your particular requirements. Our flexible daily, weekly, monthly and longer-term rentals mean you only pay for the load banks you need when they are in use, while eliminating the time and costs of maintaining equipment.

As a full-service dealer, we provide everything you need to power your operation in a single and reliable local source. We set ourselves apart from the competition by offering premium rental products at competitive prices while delivering the service and support you’ve come to expect from the industry leaders.

Get in touch online or visit our generator load bank rental location in your area for more information and assistance placing your order.