Waste handling and recycling equipment have to put up with a lot — given the long hours and harsh conditions they must endure, you need quality machines when expanding or upgrading your fleet. One of the main reasons it pays to buy new is that you know you are getting a machine with no hidden issues that can affect your productivity down the line.

Let the team at Gregory Poole match you with the right waste equipment for your operation. We are the only authorized Cat® dealer serving customers in eastern North Carolina. As a result, we carry the company’s newest and most advanced machines, including backhoes, dozers, material handlers and more.

Buying New — The Smart Choice for the Waste Handling Industry

Cat waste handling machines withstand the difficult conditions encountered in waste handling facilities. Additional features such as undercarriage guarding, puncture-proof tires and advanced filtration systems help minimize downtime and improve operator comfort.

One of the key benefits of buying new is the ability to select a machine that’s right for your operation. Rather than spending the money to upgrade a used machine, buy new and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your purchase has not been previously abused.

Another key benefit of buying new is that today’s Cat machinery delivers power and performance while meeting current and future emissions standards. The ACERTô engine line featured on most new waste handling machines makes compliance with US EPA Tier 4 standards simple.

Invest in the Future of Your Fleet

Buying new or used waste handling equipment can be a major investment for any operation. Cat machines hold their value over time. If properly maintained, a Cat dozer, excavator, wheel loader or another machine can still command a strong resale value, even if you used it in waste handling or recycling applications.

Check out our current line of new Cat waste handling machines by following the links on this page. To arrange a demo of any equipment or for more information about the benefits of choosing Cat, contact a sales representative in your area today.