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This Powerful, Lightweight Engine Delivers Exactly What You & Your Customers Want

Pop quiz: What new marine engine makes the need for a V16 virtually obsolete, gives your customers
the exact experience they’re looking for and simplifies your job in the process? If you said the new 2433
mhp Cat® C32B, give yourself a 100% score. The engine you’ve been asking for is here, and here are the
top three reasons you’ll want to make the C32B your first choice for both new builds and repowers of
high-performance yachts and sport fishing vessels.

At 2433 mhp, the new C32B delivers the most power available in a 12-cylinder marine engine — giving the boats you build the same get-up-and-go as those with 16-cylinder engines but in a lighter, smaller package. Less size and weight mean you don’t have to allocate as much square footage to the engine room in your designs, freeing up space to accommodate different boat owners’ priorities. Maybe that’s expanded living quarters, bigger communal areas or more room for water toys.

But the C32B doesn’t just deliver more power. It also delivers more torque at a lower RPM, setting a new standard for vessel performance. For sport fishing boats, that means more power to the water faster for better acceleration. For yachts, it’s all about maintaining cruising speed no matter how heavy the load on board.

No other marine engine manufacturer offers a package this comprehensive. When you choose the new C32B to power your customers’ yachts and sport fishing vessels, you get the most powerful 12-cylinder engine available PLUS your choice of auxiliary generator sets, controls, displays and third-party dashboard integration. It’s a single-source of supply for the entire engine room — all ordered through your local Cat dealer — that saves you time and hassle during the design and construction process.

Plus, your dealer is there to support your build every step of the way, providing everything from engineering drawings to sea trialing and commissioning. There’s no trial and error involved — you get exactly what you need, when you need it, so you can deliver a completed vessel on time and budget to a happy customer.

Your job doesn’t end when your customers sail off in their new yachts or sport fishing vessels. If something goes wrong, or if they have questions or concerns, yours is likely the first number they call. With the Cat C32B, our goal is to take these unrelated, after-sale issues off your hands, so you can focus on what makes you money — designing and building boats.

Like all Cat marine engines, the C32B comes with the support of the Cat dealer network around the globe and an unmatched factory warranty with extended service coverage available for up to 10 years. Wherever your customers’ travels take them, they’re never far from parts, service and expertise. Even better, the C32B comes with the option to add Cat Concierge Plus, a premium support experience that delivers 100% hassle-free ownership. For one fixed price, your customers get 24/7 access to a personal concierge for proactive engine monitoring, planned maintenance, global dockside assistance and more.

The new 2433 mhp C32B was worth the wait — for these three reasons and many more. Be among the first to power your yachts and sport fishing vessels with the powerful, lightweight marine engine that delivers exactly what you and your customers want. Talk to your local Cat dealer today for all the details.