836K Landfill Compactor

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Cat Landfill Compactors are designed with durability built in, ensuring maximum availability through multiple life cycles. With optimized performance and simplified serviceability, our machines allow you to operate more efficiently and safely. Introduced in 1993, the 836 has been the industry leader for over 20 years. Focused on helping our customers succeed, we have continued to build upon each new series. The 836K continues our legacy of reliability, performance, safety, operator comfort, serviceability, and efficiency.

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Operating Weight 123319lb
Bore 5.71in
Displacement 1104.5in³
Emissions Tier 4 Final/Stage IV/Korea Tier 4 Final or Tier 3/Stage IIIA equivalent
Engine Model C18 Cat®
Gross - SAE J1349 562HP
Gross Power 562HP
High Idle Speed 2120r/min
Low Idle Speed 750r/min
Maximum Altitude - Without Derating 7500ft
Maximum Gross Torque - 1,300 rpm 2275ft·lbf
Net Power 496HP
Net Power - SAE J1349 - Converter Drive - Gross Power 496HP
Net Power - SAE J1349 - Converter Drive - Torque Rise 52%
Net Power - SAE J1349 - Direct Drive - Gross Power 496HP
Net Power - SAE J1349 - Direct Drive - Torque Rise 52%
Rated Power (Lab) 555HP
Rated Power (Net ISO 14396) 553HP
Stroke 7.2in
Front Planetary – Fixed
Oscillation Angle 13°
Rear Planetary – Oscillating
Cooling System 28gal (US)
Crankcase 16gal (US)
Diesel Engine Fluid Tank (Tier 4 Final/Stage IV/Korea Tier 4 Final) 9gal (US)
Differential - Final Drives - Front 49gal (US)
Differential - Final Drives - Rear 50gal (US)
Fuel Tank 209gal (US)
Hydraulic System - Tank Only 63gal (US)
Transmission 32gal (US)
Centerline of Rear Axle to Edge of Counterweight 10.46ft
Ground Clearance 2.07ft
Ground Clearance - Bumper 3.38ft
Height - ROPS/Canopy 14.06ft
Height - Top of Cab with A/C 15.27ft
Height - Top of Cab with Strobe 15.9ft
Height - Top of Exhaust Pipe 15.12ft
Height - Top of Hood 11.22ft
Hitch to Centerline of Front Axle 7.46ft
Length - With Blade on Ground - Straight Blade 33.41ft
Turning Radius - Inside of Wheels 11.93ft
Wheel Base 14.93ft
Width - Over Wheels 14.04ft
Transmission Type Cat Planetary Powershift
Travel Speed - Forward - Converter 1st 3.9mile/h
Travel Speed - Forward - Converter 2nd 6.8mile/h
Travel Speed - Forward - Lockup 1st 4mile/h
Travel Speed - Forward - Lockup 2nd 7.3mile/h
Travel Speed - Reverse - Converter 1st 4mile/h
Travel Speed - Reverse - Converter 2nd 6.5mile/h
Travel Speed - Reverse - Lockup 1st 4.3mile/h
Travel Speed - Reverse - Lockup 2nd 7.6mile/h
Bore (1) 5in
Bore (2) 5.5in
Hydraulic System Flow Sharing Implement
Lift System Double Acting Cylinder
Main Relief Pressure 3495psi
Maximum Supply Pressure 4640psi
Pump Flow at 2,006 rpm 66gal/min
Steering System Double Acting – End Mounted
Stroke (1) 29.1in
Stroke (2) 40.2in
Vehicle Articulation Angle 86°
Parking Brake Spring Applied, Hydraulic Released
Control System Full Hydraulic Split Circuit
Exterior Sound Level - Standard 111dB(A)
Exterior Sound Level - Suppression 109dB(A)
Interior Sound Level - Standard 72dB(A)
Interior Sound Level - Suppression 71dB(A)
Maximum Operating Weight (Tier 3/Stage IIIA equivalent) - Multiple Blade and Wheel Offerings 122615lb
Maximum Operating Weight (Tier 4 Final/Stage IV/Korea Tier 4 Final) - Multiple Blade and Wheel Offerings 123319lb
Operating Weight - With Full Tank Capacities and U-Blade (Tier 3/Stage IIIA Equivalent) 122615lb
Operating Weight - With Full Tank Capacities and U-Blade (Tier 4 Final/Stage IV/Korea Tier 4 Final) 123319lb
Maximum Flow at × rpm 52 L/min @ 2,006 rpm
Steering Pressure Limited 3495psi
Steering System - Circuit Steering Double Acting – End Mounted
Steering System - Pump Piston – Variable Displacement
Total Steering Angle 86 degrees
Diameter - With Tips 7ft
Drum Diameter 5.81ft
Drum Width 4.59ft
Tips per Wheel 40

Standard Equipment:

  • Note
    • Standard and optional equipment may vary. Consult your Cat dealer for details.
  • Power Train
    • Advanced Productivity Electronic Control Shifting (APECS)
    • Air to air aftercooler
    • Brakes, fully hydraulic, enclosed, wet multiple disc brakes
    • Cat Clean Emission Module, insulated (Tier 4 Final/Stage IV/Korea Tier 4 Final)
    • Electro hydraulic parking brake
    • Engine, Cat C18: – Tier 4 Final/Stage IV/Korea Tier 4 Final – Tier 3/Stage IIIA equivalent
    • Fuel priming pump, electric
    • Fuel to air cooler
    • Ground level engine shutoff
    • Guard (3 piece) transmission
    • Heat shield, turbo and exhaust manifold
    • Hydraulically driven demand fan
    • Integrated braking
    • Radiator, Aluminum Modular Radiator (AMR)
    • Separated cooling system
    • Starting aid (ether) automatic
    • Throttle lock
    • Torque converter with lockup clutch (LUC)
    • Turbine precleaner, engine air intake
    • Transmission, planetary, with 2F/2R speed range control
    • Underhood ventilation system
  • Electrical
    • Alarm, back-up
    • Alternator, 150 amp
    • Batteries, maintenance-free (4-1,000 CCA)
    • Converter, 10-15 amp, 24V to 12V
    • Lighting system, halogen (front and rear)
    • Lighting, access stairway
    • Starter, electric (heavy duty)
    • Starter lockout (ground level)
    • Starting receptacle for emergency start
    • Transmission lockout (ground level)
  • Operator Environment
    • Air conditioner
    • Cab, sound-suppressed and pressurized
    • Internal four-post rollover protective structure (ROPS/FOPS)
    • Radio ready for (entertainment) includes antenna, speakers and converter (12V, 10-15 amp) 12V power port for mobile phone or laptop connection
    • Camera, rear vision
    • Coat and hard hat hooks
    • Flip-up armrest
    • Heater and defroster
    • Horn, electric
    • Hydraulic controls (floor mounted)
    • Implement hydraulic lockout
    • Laminated glass
    • Light, (dome) cab
    • Lunchbox and beverage holders
    • Instrumentation, Gauges: – DEF fluid level (Tier 4 Final/Stage IV) – Hydraulic oil temperature – Speedometer/tachometer – Torque converter temperature
    • Instrumentation, Warning Indicators: – Action alert system, three category – Axle/brake oil temp, front – Brake oil pressure – Electrical system, low voltage – Engine failure malfunction alert and action lamp
    • Mirrors, rearview (externally mounted)
    • Parking brake status
    • Radio, CB (ready)
    • Seat, Cat Comfort, (cloth) air suspension
    • Seat belt, retractable, 76 mm (3") wide
    • STIC Control System with steering lock
    • Sun visor, front
    • Tinted glass
    • Transmission gear (indicator)
    • Vital Information Management System (VIMS) with graphical information display: external data port, customizable operator profiles
    • Wet-arm wipers/washers (front and rear)
    • Intermittent wipers (front and rear)
  • Wheels
    • Wheels, paddle, plus, combination, and diamond wheel configurations
  • Guards
    • Guards, axle (front and rear)
    • Guards, cab window
    • Guards, crankcase and power train, hydraulically powered
    • Guards, rear fan and grill
  • Blades
    • Bulldozer arrangement is included in the standard equipment. Bulldozer blades are optional.
  • Fluids
    • Antifreeze, premixed 50% concentration of extended life coolant with freeze protection to –34° C (–29° F)
  • Other Standard Equipment
    • Auto Blade Positioner (ABP)
    • Demand fan/swing out (hydraulic reversible)
    • Doors, service access locking
    • Ecology drains for engine, radiator, hydraulic tank
    • Electronic clutch pressure control and remote mounted pressure taps
    • Emergency platform egress
    • Engine, crankcase, 250 hour interval with CJ-4 oil
    • Fuel tank, 793 L (210 gal)
    • Hitch, drawbar with pin
    • Hoses, Cat XT
    • Hydraulic oil cooler
    • Hydraulic, steering and brake filtration/screening system
    • Oil sampling valves
    • Product Link
    • Stairways, fixed-L/R (rear access)
    • Steering, load sensing
    • Vandalism protection caplocks
    • Venturi stack

Optional Equipment:

  • Note
    • Standard and optional equipment may vary. Consult your Cat dealer for details.
  • Various Blades:
    • Straight blade
    • U-blade
    • Semi U-blade
  • Various Tip And Wheel Arrangements:
    • Paddle
    • Plus
    • Diamond