Capable of moving and loading heavy loads quickly, Cat log forwarders are an essential part of any forestry operation. Pioneer Gregory Poole offers several different models of Cat log forwarders for sale in NC along with excellent financing services.

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Cat Log Forwarder Highlights

Caterpillar is known for rugged, durable equipment, and their line of log forwarders reflects this tradition. Powerful Cat engines and four-speed powershift transmission provide optimum speed for load and ground conditions resulting in faster cycle times and reduced fuel consumption.

All of the Cat log forwarders for sale in NC by Pioneer Gregory Poole have heavy duty frames and structures for long operation lives. Center oscillation extends log forwarder life and reduces operation costs. Rack and pinion loader swing mechanisms deliver reliable operation while reducing the risk of unscheduled swing mechanism repairs.

Ergonomics and Productivity

Better visibility improves both safety and productivity. That’s why Cat log forwarder cabs offer full rear and side window views for excellent visibility of the surrounding work area. Cab controls are also ergonomically designed to reduce operator fatigue. Less fatigue translates into better safety, longer hours of operation and increased shift productivity.

Financing for Cat Log Forwarders

A log forwarder represents a significant investment. Pioneer Gregory Poole offers flexible financing for all forestry machines, including Cat log forwarders for sale in NC. Protect your investment further with one of our equipment coverage packages.

Servicing and Parts

Pioneer Gregory Poole is committed to providing excellent service and support. Our highly trained technicians have a thorough understanding of forestry machine parts. We understand every minute a log forwarder sits idle cuts into your bottom line, which is why we offer fast, accurate delivery of parts. A well-stocked and continuously monitored inventory system ensures your machines have as little downtime as possible.
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