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For buses with a reliable, cleaner fuel source than your traditional gas-fueled buses, a new propane bus is an ideal choice. Propane powered buses offer many benefits and are perfect for any transportation situation. If you’re looking for a green vehicle addition to your fleet, consider adding a propane school bus. At Gregory Poole, we have a wide selection of new propane buses for sale.

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Benefits of Propane Buses

There are many benefits to buying a propane bus, such as:

  • Reliability: Propane has been used as a major fuel source for more than 80 years and is the third most widely used motor fuel source in the world, behind diesel and gas. Propane tanks are also 20 times more puncture-resistant than gas and diesel tanks.
  • Made in the USA: More than 90% of propane used in the U.S. is produced right here in America.
  • Cost-effective: Using propane fuel can give your vehicle a longer life with less maintenance, and you may be eligible for tax credits for fuel conversion costs. The fuel itself is also typically less expensive than gasoline.
  • Clean: Compared to gasoline, propane exhaust creates 60-70% fewer hydrocarbons that contribute to smog and poor air quality.
  • Easily available: America has the largest propane storage capacity in the world, as well as processing facilities, refueling stations and pipelines. Several are in North Carolina as well.

Propane Buses for Sale From Gregory Poole

For a propane school bus for sale in North Carolina, Gregory Poole’s new fleet of propane buses offers a green fuel alternative that is reliable, cost-effective and efficient.

Gregory Poole is the authorized Blue Bird bus dealer for all of North Carolina. Blue Bird buses set the standard in quality manufacturing and safety features, so you can trust that our Blue Bird propane buses are the highest quality.

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With more than 70 years in business, we are committed to providing top-notch service for all our customers. We offer maintenance, repair, parts and financing options to provide you with all the services you need, directly from us. Search our new propane buses for sale and contact us online for more information. We look forward to helping you find the propane bus that fits your needs.

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