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Efficiency is everything in today’s transportation industry. Your business depends on your ability to keep up with route schedules while controlling costs. The right buses will empower your fleet to accomplish its efficiency goals. A gas bus is a reliable, cost-effective option for passenger transportation fleets operating within a small to medium radius.

You can purchase gas buses through Gregory Poole Bus Sales. We carry a rotating supply of new and used gas buses throughout North Carolina. Contact Gregory Poole Bus Sales to find dependable gas buses for sale in the Carolinas.

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New and Used Buses in North Carolina & South Carolina

At Gregory Poole, we connect North Carolina and South Carolina fleet owners with dependable gas buses. Our lot is full of equipment from the transportation industry’s leading brands, like Blue Bird and Micro Bird.

Gas buses provide the power, efficiency and dependability you need for light travel. Whether you manage a school bus fleet, oversee an airport parking garage or need a bus for occasional church trips, a gas bus is a fine choice for your organization. Shop with us to find gas-powered buses for anywhere from 10-90 passengers.

When you shop for gas buses with Gregory Poole, you can choose new or used. Browse our selection of new gas buses to purchase a long-lasting bus for your fleet. Or, consider our used models to reduce your upfront expenses while adding a dependable bus to your fleet. We carry a wide range of new and used gas buses, so visit your nearest Gregory Poole location to see what we have in stock. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Gas buses offer numerous advantages when your transportation needs are light. Choose a gas bus when your primary focus is passenger transportation with minimal stops. Typical applications include school buses, day care buses and parking shuttles for hospitality, health care and travel industries. 

Gas buses provide key benefits when traveling fewer than 30,000 miles annually: 

  • Power: Gasoline engines offer high horsepower, resulting in sufficient strength for short-distance travel. 
  • Upfront costs: A gas bus requires a lower initial investment than buses that use alternative fuel sources.
  • Overhead expenses: Gasoline’s price per gallon is lower than other fuel types. Similarly, the cost to repair a gas bus is often lower than other types, and the maintenance interval is longer. 


Gregory Poole is a dealer you can trust to supply dependable gas buses in your area, acting as your source for new and used gas buses in the Carolinas. 

At each branch, knowledgeable staff will walk you through our lot and find the right gas bus for your fleet. We’ll also service your bus at your local Gregory Poole branch. 

With over 70 years of experience and a steadfast dedication to client satisfaction, Gregory Poole can connect you with a gas bus that adds value to your fleet. 

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A gas bus is a dependable fleet addition with manageable upfront costs and a long maintenance cycle. We encourage you to contact Gregory Poole Bus Sales to request information about our new and used gas buses. 

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