Your fleet depends on powerful, efficient buses ready to dispatch anywhere you need them to go. A diesel bus will provide the strength and longevity your application requires. Shop with Gregory Poole Bus Sales to purchase a new or used diesel bus in North Carolina. 

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Diesel Buses for Sale From Gregory Poole 

Gregory Poole Bus Sales is your source for powerful, dependable diesel buses. Each of our locations across North Carolina has numerous diesel buses from top brands like Blue Bird and Micro Bird. We carry small buses for a handful of passengers and larger models to transport dozens of people. 

Visit your nearest Gregory Poole location to find a bus that fills any of your fleet’s needs. A sales representative will help you find the type of diesel bus you need and send you on the road. 

New and Used Buses for Sale in North Carolina 

At Gregory Poole, we believe in providing options for any fleet’s needs. That’s why we fill our lots with both new and used buses. 

Shop with us to purchase a new diesel bus you can trust as a valuable addition to your fleet. You can also purchase a used diesel bus to fulfill a temporary need or hold you over until you’re ready to purchase a new model. 

Let us know what you want to buy, and we’ll connect you with a sufficient selection from our network of Gregory Poole branches. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Diesel buses are powerful machines that make excellent additions to all transportation fleets. 

Use a diesel bus to boost your fleet’s towing capacity and handle the heaviest cargo. We recommend using a diesel bus when towing a trailer or transporting large crowds with heavy luggage. Diesel buses are also ideal in hilly environments. 

Additionally, diesel offers the efficiency needed to reduce emissions when making frequent stops along a public transportation route or traveling long distances. The increased efficiency makes a difference when driving a bus more than 30,000 miles annually. 

Choose a diesel bus for advantages such as: 

  • Power: Diesel engines feature high torque, boosting the towing capacity and pulling power while tackling hilly towns. 
  • Fuel efficiency: Diesel engines use a leaner combustion process that requires less fuel for your desired output. Your diesel bus will maximize the energy yield from each gallon of fuel and burn a minimal amount while idling. 
  • Low overhead: Diesel’s fuel efficiency excels because diesel leads to competitive fueling costs. Additionally, diesel engines feature rugged components that withstand frequent use with minimal maintenance requirements. 
  • Longevity: Diesel engines easily handle heavy cargo, resulting in a longer life span with more miles at the top performance level than other options. 

Gregory Poole Bus Sales is a network of dealerships with over 70 years in the industry. We dedicate ourselves to client satisfaction by carrying a wide range of diesel buses and employing knowledgeable associates who will help you find what you need. With our range of new and used diesel buses for sale, you can find an option to fulfill any application. In addition to sales, you can count on us to provide timely, effective services when you need them. 

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For more information about the new and used diesel buses we have in stock, contact us online to hear from an associate. 

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