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Loading and Processing Equipment

At Gregory Poole, we know forestry operations don’t rely on a single machine. Instead, each process requires different equipment to complete various tasks. We offer a full line of log processing equipment and knuckle boom log loaders that are reliable and fuel-efficient. Built to load, extract and harvest, our machines can help your business with logging as well as other mill yard and land management operations.


Cat® forest machines and Weiler® knuckleboom loaders can meet your processing and loading needs. Delimbing and processing — cutting the tree to required lengths — can occur at the landing or the stump. Loading consists of transferring the logs from a landing area to a truck.

Forest Machines

All you have to do is position the right machine at the base of a tree. Our forest machines will strip and cut the wood to specific lengths so that you can place loads of trees onto other vehicles for transportation. You’ll see your work become more efficient and productive.

Heavy counterweights and a high-wide/high-drawbar undercarriage optimizes log loading operations. Special application reach booms and sticks with a variety of work tools make these machines versatile in forestry applications. Log loading equipment is ideal for cut-to-length logging and can withstand steep terrains.

Whether you’re clearcutting forests or smaller plots, being inside the cab of one of our machines creates a safer worksite. Gregory Poole offers equipment such as the 324D FM Forest Machine and 568 Forest Machine.


Knuckleboom Loaders

Weiler knuckleboom loaders set the industry standard with superior hydraulic performance, heavy-duty structures and fuel-efficient engines.  These loaders prove their durability and reliability day in and day out in the toughest logging applications.  Best in class ground level access to filters provides convenience and safety while performing routine service.  A fully integrated delimber and trailer package from the factory is an industry exclusive providing total machine support.

A knuckle boom log loader for sale can carry and transport higher payloads of wood because it articulates at the knuckle of the machine. It helps the boom operate and fold backward for extra maneuverability.





Processing is often the end procedure once you complete your forestry project. If you’re not using the wood for specific applications, you can invest in a log processing machine.


Chippers are becoming an increasingly viable part of any logging and tree business operation. Pioneer Gregory Poole represents high quality chipper manufacturers such as Peterson and Woodsman.

You can process massive volumes of products with whole tree equipment or rely on brush chippers for smaller tasks. We offer different sizes and configurations to accommodate your needs.

wood chipper for sale from Gregory Poole reduces wood from large branches to smaller woodchips that are portable from site to site. Most large chippers have grooved rollers within the feed funnels. The rollers grip the branch and feed it through, then the chipping blades mulch the wood into fine pieces.


Wood Processing Equipment from Gregory Poole

Check out our log loading and processing equipment to upturn the level of productivity coming from your forestry business. With more than 70 years of experience in the industry, Gregory Poole is here to support you in investing in the right solutions as well as product support after your purchase.

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