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Cat® Industrial Engines

Cat® industrial engines are ready for your application. These engines deliver the unsurpassed reliability, durability, fuel efficiency and low cost of ownership you have come to expect from Caterpillar. Our superior product support will never let you down. All this adds up to a powerful advantage for you.

  • High-speed and medium-speed industrial engines in a wide range of applications
  • Power options from 8 – 6,100 bkW (11-8,180 bhp), the widest power range in the industry
  • Cat® Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIB technology engines available – These engines meet tough emissions standards and deliver the performance and efficiency you expect from Caterpillar.

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Industrial Engine Applications

When might you need Cat industrial engines? For the following applications:

  • Chippers / Grinders
  • Drilling Applications
  • Diesel Air Compressors
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • All Pump Engine Applications
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Lift Stations

Why Use Cat Industrial Engines

Many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) rely on Cat engines to power their equipment. From wood chippers and lawn mowers to air compressors and material handling equipment, Cat engines keep industries running. 

What You Get From Gregory Poole Equipment Company

Gregory Poole works closely with OEM customers, helping you develop and install the industrial engine that meets your exact specifications. We use state-of-the art software and technology to engineer industrial engines. We’re also dedicated to providing our customers with stellar service and dedication.

When your OEM partners with us, you get:

  • Access to an engine packaging and fabrication facility.
  • A project management and sales team with experience working with OEMs.
  • A team of employees who work with Caterpillar to build the right engine for your project.
  • Guidance and advice about engine replacement and emissions requirements.
  • Access to a network of Industrial Service Dealers, which provides support to various OEM equipment applications.

Service for Cat Industrial Engines

We offer services for a variety of Cat Industrial Engines, ranging from 13 bhp to 2000 bhp for many different applications in the Industrial Engine Market. Our capabilities for our OEMs exceed our customers’ expectations of engine related parts and repairs.

Whether it’s a simple repair or a major overhaul, our customers rely on our Industrial Engine Service Department to keep their equipment operating at all times.

Our highly trained technicians are experienced and able to accurately diagnose problems to keep engines on the job and running at peak performance.

Learn More About Our Services for Industrial Engines

Extended Service Coverage 

Keep your Cat industrial engine operating for as long as possible with the Extended Service Coverage (ESC) option. ESC is a long-lasting protection plan that gives you peace of mind that your engines will always be operational when you need them. You get protection from unexpected repair bills or increasing labor and parts costs. ESC provides coverage for the full cost of parts and labor. It goes beyond covering the parts that fail — it will cover any damage to other Cat components that were due to the specific failure as well.

You can transfer your ESC when you sell your equipment, increasing its resale value.

Customer Value Agreement

Cat Customer Value Agreements (CVAs) help you manage the cost of ownership over your equipment’s usable life. Your CVA is a single plan backed by the Cat dealer network and tailored to fit your exact needs. You can choose a basic maintenance plan or an all-inclusive option. With a CVA, you’ll get the parts you need when you need them, plus maintenance support. 

Fire Pump Engine Service

Fire pump diesel engines must work when called upon. Our service technicians are well trained on inspection procedures and know what to look for to keep you informed. Our PM procedures are thorough and complete. We strive to take the guesswork out of the maintenance and repairs to enhance your operating time.

Our service team provides regularly scheduled oil sampling, and trending analysis to avoid unnecessary down time.

Contact Gregory Poole

Contact Gregory Poole, Cat Industrial Engine Dealer in Eastern North Carolina

You have much to consider when choosing an industrial engine for your specific application, including size, weight, component compatibility and emissions requirements. Gregory Poole’s team of qualified and experienced Sales and Service teams can help you source the right Cat industrial engine for your unique needs. Contact us today to learn more.