Paving & Compaction

Paving & Compaction

Gregory Poole is your one-stop source for all of your paving needs.

A very competitive business with strict safety and regulatory concerns, paving and roadwork requires a top-notch level of equipment, support and service. Gregory Poole understands the paving industry and will guide you in selecting the best equipment and will offer full service and support that you can depend on. We’re experienced, dedicated and committed. You can count on us for the machinery, the people and the service.


Customers charged with highway, interstate, or governmental work will love the reliability and quality of our Cat Pavers, Rollers, and Compactors.


LeeBoy Asphalt Pavers provide the power and precision ideal for work on country roads and parking lots. LeeBoy’s Rosco Asphalt Distributor Trucks are ideal for larger projects.


Versatile and reliable, Gomaco Concrete Pavers and Curb and Gutter Machines.


Weiler remixing transfer vehicles make non-contact, non-stop asphalt paving easier. Weiler road wideners are available in 4 sizes to assist in placing the right amount of material at the correct grade and slope in one pass.