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All new from the block up and built on the proven C32 platform, the C32B marine engine delivers more power, more speed, more time on the water and more peace of mind. All that comes in a quieter package with only a 2% increase in weight compared to the previous model — making the C32B the right choice for new builds and repowers. Rated at 2025 mhp (2000 bhp) / 1491 bkW @ 2300 rpm, the C32B meets U.S. EPA Marine Tier 3 and IMO II emissions standards. With an E Tier rating, it can run at the full 2000hp up to 8% of the time.

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Power Range 2000 bhp (1491 bkW)
Aspiration TTA
Bore 5.71in
Configuration Vee 12, 4-Stroke-Cycle Diesel
Displacement 1959in³
Emissions IMO II, U.S. EPA Tier 3 Recreational, RCD, China Stage II
Rotation from Flywheel End Counterclockwise
Speed Range 2300 rpm
Stroke 6.38in
Dry Weight 9934lb
Height 56.9in
Length 82.9in
Width 57.8in
Stroke 6.38in

Standard Equipment:

  • Standard Equipment
    • ADEM VI Electronic Control Module
    • Air Cleaner / Fumes Disposal
    • Electronic Diagnostics and Fault Logging
    • Engine and Transmission Monitoring
    • Sea Water Aftercooler
    • Titanium Plate Heat Exchanger with Expansion Tank
    • Gear-driven JW and SW pumps
    • Water-cooled Exhaust Manifolds and Turbochargers
    • MEUI-C Fuel System
    • Fuel Priming and Transfer Pump
    • 250-hr Oil Pan (Shallow Sump)
    • RH or LH Service Side Options

Optional Equipment:

  • Optional Attachments
    • 120V or 240V Jacket Water Heater
    • SAE A or B PTO (LH or RH rear)
    • 75A or 105A Alternator
    • Spray Shielding